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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 3

A positive start to her gastric band journey, Lisa recounts her 3rd week post-op and the ups and downs she's experienced.

Video Transcription

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Lisa talks about the variety of soft meals she's been enjoying and we learn about her weight loss progress so far.

Hi everybody, so I'm now at the end of week three. Things are going really really well. The stage of the diet that I've just completed now, it works an absolute treat for me. I learned so much about portion sizes that I can manage, gave myself a lot of ideas as to foods that I can eat, so it's been really  really good. A couple of the meals that I had my kids loved spaghetti bolognese, so I had the bolognese not with spaghetti, just made sure it was nice and soft and macaroni cheese, chilli, there's so much stuff you can eat so I was really really happy to get to this stage because towards the end of week two, I  was kind of losing the will to live a little bit I was getting really really bored, because I do like some texture to my food. But this week has been fantastic, absolutely brilliant.

Where I had the surgery, it's healing beautifully, and Mr. Singhal, I cannot praise the man enough, absolutely fantastic  job, really really good. You can hardly actually even see the scars, I was a bit worried about any potential scarring it's faultless, it's really really good, so I'm really really happy.

I had a phone call this week as well, to put me in for my first fill, really really looking forward to that so I'm having that just around the six week mark. I think once that's done I'm going to start seeing, hopefully, you know, a more frequent weight loss coming because although I have lost weight, more people  are saying to me that they can notice it. I can't notice it myself, but again I think that it's that kind of mindset that you get yourself in when you're in this position. You don't notice it, but other people do, but hopefully when I do get to that stage and I start seeing it a bit more, I'll be really really  happy with that. However I am starting to notice that some of the clothes that I have, they are getting baggy. Especially with my trousers, although I can't see it on my body, I can definitely see it on my clothes. I'm really really happy with that.

I had a phone call from the dietitian Van as well, absolutely lovely lady. We had a really really good chat and had a discussion about you know, various things that I should be eating and shouldn't be eating. You know, different techniques to do at the gym, because I have gone back, I'm just doing really really  light treadmill work and some light weights as well so, all in all this is just been brilliant. I'm really really happy.

Next stage for me is going to be solids, so I'm a bit nervous but excited at the same time.

So next time speak to you will be when I am my solids, so I shall see you all then, ba-bye.

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