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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 30

Lisa is getting closer and closer to her goal. The size 14 Christmas dress has been purchased!

Video Transcription

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Receiving compliments from old friends is keeping Lisa feeling positive about reaching her Christmas goal

Hi everybody, so this week things are still going really well. I feel so good. Still in the 14-stone club, the weight is still coming off. I feel absolutely fantastic. I went clothes shopping the other day and I was able to get into a size sixteen in one of the high street shops, that previously I would never be able to wear clothes in, and it was quite loose! So, I'm happy. I really am.

These last couple of weeks for me have been so good! I actually saw some friends as well a few days ago, who I’ve not seen for probably about three or four months, and they were like 'whoa where have you gone, you've lost so much weight when did all this happen?'. It just makes you feel so good when people say that. Obviously I've noticed the weight loss myself but when other people get that excited over it, it kind of makes you think ‘Oh god yeah I have actually lost loads of weight’ and I do look so much better. Not only on the outside, but I feel so much better on the inside as well. I'm still very religious with my exercise. I'm going out every morning for a walk. I've not being going to the gym, I've just been focusing on my walking. Doing a lot of cardio. It's up hills and stuff it's really good for toning. I'm just really happy.

In regard to my portions, they're still quite small. I'm still feeling full when I've had them. So, is fill number three my stopping point? Who knows. The way things are at the minute, I don't feel as though I wouldn't need another one but obviously it's still only been to two weeks. So I'm going to give it another week and see how things are but if things carry on the way they are I'm just going to be really happy. It's going really really well and yeah. I suppose really, it's got me thinking about other possibilities for the future. If I carry on losing weight the way I am, would I consider other surgeries? Because there is obviously different things that you can have done and it's just opening up so many windows and so many different avenues for me. Obviously, jumping into another surgery is not something that I would just do overnight but it nice know that those options are available. Because I am losing the weight now, it is something that I could possibly look into next year. But I am I'm just so happy. Things going really well.

I would be very surprised if I didn't get into my size fourteen dress, which I have ordered and should be here next week. So yeah, it’s been a brilliant week. Things are just going brilliantly. Hopefully it's going to be the same next week as well. I'm going to try my dress on when it comes and see where I'm at. See how much I need to lose before I can squeeze into it. But to be honest, I don't think it's gonna be that much and if I keep on you know the way I am, I'm quietly confident that I'll be able to fit into it. So we'll see. But that's it for me for this week. As I said you know it's just been fantastic so hopefully when I speak to you all again next week I'll be on the same track so I shall see you all then. Bye bye!

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