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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 36

The day has come to bring out that gorgeous size 14 dress! Lisa talks all about her Christmas party and recent eating habits. Photographs are below - doesn't she look amazing! 

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

It's time for Lisa's Christmas party! 

Hi everybody. So, this week has been an absolutely fantastic week. I had my Christmas party, got into my dress. It was just amazing. I felt really good and really confident. I got so many compliments off people as well, it was unbelievable. I think although I have been losing the weight and obviously I've gotten down in dress size, but the clothes I've been wearing have still been quite buggy. They've not really been very fitted and that's just cause obviously even though I know that I'm getting smaller, I'm still in the mindset of being bigger, so those habits of buying the baggy clothes is still there. However, I couldn't get away with that with my dress that I had. It was a body con midi dress, so there was no chance. I think wearing that I noticed that my shape has changed. People that were there noticed it as well. I was getting lots and lots of comments. Loads and loads of positive comments which was brilliant because it made me feel really good. Although I'm not doing this for anybody else I'm doing it for me, it's still good to know that other people are noticing it as well. So it's fantastic.


You could probably tell by the way I'm talking I'm not 100% well at the minute. I am a bit poorly, with which obviously not eating certain foods and stuff has probably actually works in my favour. I've had a really bad cold and a think I'm probably starting with a bit of a chest infection. I've not actually wanted to eat much. I have had a loss again this week, but I've basically just been having a lot soup and things can just warm me up. Not really been having much textured food at all really to be honest with you. It has literally just been soup. I've been going for homemade soup though so I can still get all my veggies and everything in. Really really straight forward to make it as well. Literally you wack it all in the pan boil it all up and then wizz it all. So that's been really healthy because I do want to make sure that I am still getting my 5 a day. Before I wasn't and I don't really want to break that habit so I've kept up with that. There's that I have had a loss this week which is you know still really really good. I will be 12 months post-op end of March. So I'm going to set myself another target. I've achieved my size 14 target which I wanted to get to for this point. I'm not daft. I know Christmas is going to be hard and I will probably maintain - I'll even maybe put a pound on - but new year definitely going to be a time to start focusing again. Come the 12 month mark, I want to be in my size 12. I'm in a 14 now and dropping that dress size more, I think should be quite achieveable. Because I have had quite a quite a lot of my loss now - I'm nearly on 4 stone of a loss - it's going to start taking longer you know to get it off. Eating healthily, keeping the portions small, you know keep on exercising, I don't see why that wouldn't be achievable. My ideal dress size would be a size 10. I'm not too realistic to think that probably won't happen. I just don't think my body is made to get to that size but if it did that would be absolutely fantastic, it'll be absolutely brilliant. My goal is to finish 12 month, at a size 12. So yeah size 12 at 12 months. I'm happy with that. So yeah that's make it as I've said just to round up this week is been absolutely fantastic. I fit in my dress - I will show you all the pictures and yeah you know anybody that you know sets themselves ago it's completely achievable you just got to stick to it and use the band because it is a tool - it doesn't do for you. Yeah I've got help but it's working and I am living proof. I'm really really happy. Next time I speak to you all will be in another weeks time. So hopefully things should be going the same way. Hopefully I'm feeling a little bit better too, and I don't sound like I'm all bunged up. As I said this week’s been great so I shall look speak to you all soon. Bye!


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