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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 37

After achieving her size 14 goal and getting over the Christmas Flu, Lisa is feeling reflective.

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

The Christmas flu has resulted in a maintain this week. Will Lisa be able to get things back on track?

Hi everybody, it's me again. Okay, so this week I've maintained but I'm actually really happy about that. I'm still not 100% well I'm still feeling a bit fluey. I've not been to the gym at all this week and to be honest I hardly went last week as well. So I was actually quite happy that I've maintained this week. Yeah just a really horrible, grotty, fluey week really. It's not been fantastic but I have still been able to eat relatively healthy food. I've still been having a lot of soup to just really warm me up because that’s it's like when you got the flu, you just want nice warm things. I have started with like the Lemsips, and like that the hot water and lemon, but it just, it wasn't really working for me so I've kind of OD'd on hot drinks or like tea, coffee, hot chocolate.

I was quite surprised actually that I maintain I thought there might have been a little gain, but there hasn't so I'm happy with that. I think that I'm probably going to need another fill. I'll kind of give it this last week, and I know obviously I have still been poorly but you can still judge it, and I do think that I am going to need another fill. So that's going to be my plan. I'm not going to rush into it, I'm probably going to aim for the New Year to try and get one in, because we've only got a couple more weeks to go now and I just think it'd be absolutely pointless trying to get one in just before Christmas. It’s just not going to do me any favours at all, because on the last couple of fills I've really felt it and I'd hate to have to fill right near Christmas and for it to really like restrict what I can eat. I want to be able to still enjoy food and I'm worried that if I did have it beforehand, I'm going to be restricted because obviously you have to go on liquids after you have to fill. So that's my plan, to have a fill in the new year. Again I said it last time, I don't think I'm going to need that much. I think it's going to be a tiny little bit and then fingers crossed I should be there. can't see me needing anymore after this. I think I'm really close to being at restriction.

I've achieved everything that I want to achieve, I got into my dress, that was fantastic. But I think for me to get to my twelve months size twelve, I'm going to need that little bit more help and that's fine it's nothing to be ashamed of. Some people have two fills that are fine, some people have a hell of a lot more than that. I'm at four. I'm on four fills. It doesn't matter the number of fills that you have. I'm just glad that I didn't rush into it and I'm glad how I've spaced them out. I'm twelve months in March so I'm quite far in, and was worrying at first know, 'Why am I not hitting restriction?' but I think taking your time and doing it this way is better because I've still achieved a weight loss, but it hasn't been let's like wack 100,000 mils in the band straight away. It just been really gradual and I'm really happy but as I said I think I do need this last one now, just to finish it off and then I think I'm going to be where I want to be. Obviously, I've said I want to get into my size 12 for my 12 moments, so I've got just over three months to get there which I think is achievable.

Yeah weight's coming off slower now because I've lost quite a big chunk but yeah, I think it's achievable and it's a goal and it's always good to work towards goals. I think if you don't set yourself a goal you're going to really struggle, there's nothing to work towards. So, I do like it and I know like I made a bit of a like a bit of a joke and stuff about it with my Christmas dress but that was like a really really good goal for me and it was quite light hearted but it really really did mean a lot that I achieved my goal so. Yeah, I'm really happy. Hopefully when I speak to you all next week I should probably have a full-face makeup, I won't be coughing halfway through, and yeah I'll be feeling a lot better. But as I said, in general this week has been a decent week, and hopefully I can say the same for next week as well so I shall speak to you all soon and happy Christmas! Bye!


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