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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 4

Lisa is doing really well this week as she drops a dress size. Moving on to solid foods presents difficulties and temptations.

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

Lisa lets us know how her fourth week is going and her clothes feel. She explains how she's been eating and coping with the change in diet.

Hi everybody, so I'm now on week four and everything is going absolutely brilliantly. I couldn't be happier, I have officially dropped a dress size so I'm now a dress size smaller than what I  was when I went in for the operation.

Really really happy, it just goes to show that everything that I'm doing now is actually working, and you know the comments of people were making that I couldn't see before clearly, I am losing the weight so I'm really really happy. When I went into clothes shops that I've been into before many times before knowing my size and that they were just too loose. They wouldn't go on so yeah I was really happy with that.

For this week I was actually quite worried because obviously now I'm on salads I was worried that, you know, am I going to slip, am I going to go back to, you know, a relapse in a way, but it were just about making sure that the house, you know, was all full of healthy foods. So, there is a lot more fruit, and a lot more veg. I kind of tended to stay away from frozen food and gone for fresh food, although with the kids it's a bit tricky because you know, they have snacks and things with their lunchboxes which are quite tempting to go for but you know, I've like I've said before you know it's all about willpower so I've stayed away from them. Although I have treated myself, I think just to deny anything is gonna do more harm than good because I think if you did that you'd probably end up binge eating so what I've done is I've got the little fun-size buttons. I think they're about 80 calories for a packet and I've maybe had one or two packs of them over the last week and I was satisfied with that you know it wasn't craving for more I just felt nicely full. It is nice to know that you can still have those things and you know still adapt to this healthy lifestyle at the same time.

So yeah thing things are going really really apart from I did have my first 'stuck' incident, It was my own fault, I had chicken and vegetables. That was absolutely fine, no problem eating it, but what I did do was I had a drink too quick after and I felt it all there (points to her throat), so I get what people are talking about. It wasn't a nice feeling, I don't recommend it to anybody, but it was just a case of kind of letting it settle and then it sorted itself out I will definitely not be doing that again. But  all I know is this week's been really really good so I can't wait see this week and next week and keep you updated then so I shall see you all soon, bye.

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