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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 41

Lisa finds an old pair of size 16 jeans which sparks a reflection on her journey

Video Transcription

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As Lisa reaches the final hurdle of her weight loss, she looks at the last steps she needs to complete her process.

Hi everybody. So, this week it's been quite a good week actually. I've lost another pound, which is good. I am still finding it so hard now. It's unbelievable how much of a kind of, I won't say a fight but, how much I'm having to really try to get this last bit of weight off now. As I said before my last video when I first started, I found that it was coming off very easily but now that I've lost pretty much four stone, it's taking a lot longer to come off and I'm noticing it. Whereas before I was having weight losses of like three four or five pounds, I'm now going down to either maintaining, or a pound. So the fact that I've lost a pound this week, I'm actually quite happy about. It's one of these.

I read something the other day that someone from 'TOWIE' had had said that having a gastric band is easy - it's the easy way - and it's just not the case at all. You've got to work so hard and I am really really trying now. I'm really working at it as hard as I can. Yeah, it's not as simple as it seems and I think that is such a common misconception. Even, if I'm honest, it's probably by myself. Before I started looking into it properly and understood the ins and outs of that, I thought “oh I'll get a gastric band and in 12 months’ time, I'll be a size 10”. Well no, doesn't work like that whatsoever. Just because you've got the tool there to help you, doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to do all the work for you because believe me that is not the case. So yeah, definitely still working hard with the band.

I'm going to try and get to the gym a bit more now as well. I kind of went off the gym and started doing a lot of walking, but now because of work and things like that I'm just not finding the time to get in my walks. So, I think I'm probably going have to re-sign up at the gym. Again, when I was at the gym I was just doing a lot of cardio. On the treadmill, on the rowing machines, things like that. But I was also doing the weights and I think that is something that I'm going to need to start doing again now because I have had the loss, I think I need to start teaching my body about toning now. That's going to be my main goal. So that's going to be what I want to do.

As of yet I've not had fill four. I've just not been able to get it. Like I said with work commitments, the kids just life in general. But that is definitely in my aim because like I said I do want to be my size 12 at 12 months. If I could it'd be fantastic and I've got lots of things coming up this year. I've got family holidays, I've got my friend's wedding coming up we're going abroad for a hen party and if I could get myself into that place of being in the size 12 and just feeling really really comfortable, it'd be amazing. I mean don't get me wrong this time last year I felt great when I went away. I really did because I'd just come so far from the previous year. It was amazing. But, if I could do that that, that is my goal now. That is what I'm sticking at. So, if I could get to my size 12 for the end of March then yes, I would be a happy chappy.

So, that's it. Pretty much short and sweet this week but yeah, it's yeah it's hard. It really is hard now and It's not a a magic wand and anybody who's had the band will know that themselves. You really do have to work for it and it's like anything you don't get what you want without working for it. So I guess it's one of them just keep on preparing myself. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that that they say. So yeah It's just going to be a case and making sure I have my meals. I've got everything prepared. I've got a fruit snack so there's no picking and yeah just keep on going without exercise really because I think that's the way forward. But I've said overall still really really happy. Pound loss. I'm getting closer to being in that size 12. So that's it for me from this week and I shall speak to you all again soon. Bye-bye!

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