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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 43

Although it's another maintain, the excitement of being so close to her goal is keeping Lisa's spirits high!

Video Transcription

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Shopping for holiday clothes has put Lisa in a reflective mood. 

Hi everybody. So, this week has actually been a pretty decent week again to be fair. I've maintained, so I've done what I did last time -- had a loss, maintain, had a loss and then this week I've maintained. But again, I'm happy with that. Like I said before, I'm really really finding it hard to lose weight now because I am quite far down the line. So, I'm not going to beat myself up about it too much. I've actually found that I'm getting back into the rhythm now, after everything over Christmas and New Year and all the rest of it. Yeah things are settling back down.

I've gone back to basics again. Just making sure that I'm sticking with my three meals. If I'm snacking, then it's healthy. I'm really trying not to snack, but if I am I'm making sure it's fruit and things like that. But most importantly making sure that I have those three meals, because if don't have three meals, I know for me personally that means that come seven, eight, nine o'clock at night, I'm going to start getting peckish and we all know where that leads. So yeah, being really strict with it.

I've managed to get back into the gym as well. I really wasn't too keen on it. I must say that for me, I prefer being out and about. So, when I was doing my walking, I preferred that so much more than going into the gym. Obviously, you can't tell the calories I'm burning off when I'm out and about walking, but I felt like I'd done a lot more and looking at the step counter on the treadmill and distance covered and the rowing machines and stuff, I was doing more than that when I was walking. I think that doing the walking - because you're out and about and you're not like just stuck in a gym - you don't realize how far actually go. I mean, when I was going out I was doing 10k. I was out for a good three hours. It was quite a lot that I managed to walk and sometimes I'd be out for even longer. It was quite a way. I think that because it was kind of different terrain; uphill, downhill, different textures, I think that all went towards it. That was obviously what was helping me lose so fast. Because I was building up my cardio, but also, I'm working my legs as well.

I know I mentioned last time you know about starting to tone up now, this is what I'm thinking of doing. So, I'm not going to stop with a gym that would just be silly, but I am definitely 100% going to try and get out and about more. It's so good because the kids love going out and we're really lucky we've got a big country park just near us. So, we can go round, pack some sandwiches for them and we're off. We can leave eleven/twelve o'clock and then before we know it, it's like three/four o'clock and the day just flies by. So I’m definitely going to try and do more with that.

In regard to clothes, I'm noticing that I feel very comfortable at the minute now. In my four teens. Yeah so, I'm quite happy with that. I've bought some holiday clothes. I've planned ahead and got some holiday stuff. Yeah I'd really love to be in them. I love them. Their so nice and I could never even have imagined being able to wear them 12 month ago. I'm really really happy. Overall this week has been another good week. Getting closer to that 12-month stage now. It's best foot forward now and making sure that I stick to everything. Working with the exercise as well and just staying focused and making sure I get to where I want to go, because I'm really really happy at the results that I've had. Size 12, 12 months. That's what I need to keep thinking - size 12, 12 months. So that's it me from this week. I'll speak to you all again next week and hopefully - if the pattern continues - I will have had a loss! I'll speak to you all again soon. Bye bye.

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