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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 46

After her fourth fill, Lisa learn's not to rush restriction.

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

Lisa finds out what an 'over tight' band feels like - not pleasant! She definitely won't be rushing restriction from now on!

Hi everybody. This week has actually been a really really good week. I've maintained; however I have had my fourth fill. So, when I had my fill, it was my own fault. I had too much put in. I had 1.2 put in and it was just far too much. To be fair I didn't feel it after I had it done. It was really really weird. I felt absolutely fine and then the next morning I couldn't even swallow. I was constantly being sick. It was terrible! I had to go and have de-fill straight away and I was lucky enough to be able to get in straight away. I had half of what I had put in, taken out. I went from the 1.2 and they took out, I think it was 0.65, so about half of what I hadn’t had in and now things are fantastic. I know for a fact that I am so close to being at restriction now because I'm really feeling it. I think what I'm probably going to do now is leave it until I come back off my holidays in July. I don't want to mess around having more fills or anything like that. I'm so close to coming to fly and stuff. I think I'm going to leave it.

I can a hundred percent feel and the difference now and I'm so happy. I've been waiting for this fourth fill for so long and I just hope that this is going to be the fill that I needed in order to get where I need to be. Obviously, I've got my goal of being a size 12 at 12 months. I've got just over five weeks to get there so hopefully as I said this will -- this will be the tool that I need to help me get to where I need to be. I am happy that I've maintained. I'm perfectly happy. I had my fill quite late on in the week so I think next week I'll probably get a better idea of how I'm getting on in regards to the fill, will I need another one? I can’t say right now but if I do I think it's going to be a very small amount because I am very close to restriction now. I have to be, because I can feel it and the fact that I had the 1.2 put in, and I couldn't even swallow without being sick shows me that I was very close to being at restriction there. I think probably If I do need one now it's only going to be very small fills that I have and then hopefully you know within the next couple months I'll be where I need to be. But as I said for now I'm just going to take it as it is. Take advantage of the fact that I've had this fill. Hopefully set myself up and yeah you know, just look forward to having a loss because I have kind of plateaued a bit now. So I'm very very eager to get a loss and achieve my goal that I set out you know get to you for the 12 months so. That's it for me for this week. Obviously had the fill so you know back on liquids but within you know the next next day or so I'll probably go on to you know mush food and then yeah it's -- it's all out there taking then really so. That's it. I'll speak to you all again next week. I'll let you know how I've got on and hopefully if things go well I will have had a loss. See you all soon. Bye bye!

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