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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 47

Lisa has a de-fill and talks getting things back on track

Video Transcription


We've included a transcript below to help:

After having her de-fill, Lisa discusses why it’s important to take your time and not rush your adjustments.

Hi everybody. So, this week has been much better now I've had my de-fill. I’m eeling a lot more relaxed. I'm able to eat more food. Obviously still sticking to the smaller portions, but I had to get it done. If you do think that you've had too much in your band do not just sit on it because oh my god, I was in -- I couldn't even swallow my own saliva that was how bad it was. I had 1.2 put in, and when I went for my de-fill half was taken out so although I am feeling that I can eat more, I would rather that feeling than not even being able to swallow. People have said "oh well is it not better because then you just couldn't even eat" but it's like yeah but I couldn't even drink. I think you need water to live. I wasn't even able to drink that. So yeah that was a bit of an experience but again, I think I'm close now. Really close. As I said 1.2 went in and she took half out. So, I think the key now because I am feeling so close, is to just have maybe point two, point three. Obviously, I have another fill now for another three weeks because you must wait four weeks minimum between each one. But I definitely think that when I do, I'm going to go for the smaller ones and I think maybe the next one will be the one because definitely that extra that was passed, so restriction is somewhere between here and the one point two. So I mean I've got point six to play with and I think maybe even point two I could be there but just play it by ear and see what happens but I mean apart from that things are -- things have been alright. I've been a lot more, been able to eat a lot more things. I feel really good still. I've maintained, I've not lost but considering what happened over the weekend I'm not going to let that deflate me. Still heading for the goal of the size 12 so I'm not going to let that slip away just because I've had the issues with the fill. But yeah that's it really simple week after getting the de-fill. Really straightforward so I'll check in with you all again next week and let how things are going then. Hopefully we'll have had a loss but we shall see. Speak to you all soon. Bye-bye.

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