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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 50

It's the 12 month milestone and Lisa reflects upon her challenges and achievements over the past year.

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

Lisa reflects on the past 12 months, and what she has achieved since her surgery

Hi everybody. Believe it or not, without even realising, I've now been banded for officially 12 months! It took me a bit as a surprise really. I didn't realize it's just gone so, so quickly, it's unbelievable. I mean although like technically my band-iversary isn't until the end of March, I have been banded for 12 months now. It's really exciting and I look at everything that's happened, and where I started, and where I am now and it's just unbelievable. I did go and have my fill a couple of days ago. After having the de-fill now it works amazingly and it was really good. I'm really optimistic now, so that's been fantastic.

But again, not being too hard on myself look how far I've actually come. When I started this journey, I remember when I went for my first consultation I was wearing a size 22 clothes. Even then they weren't tight but there wasn't much room left in them and to now think how much has changed since then. I'm wearing a 14 now and it's just unbelievable. I've said from day one that I don't really assess kind of my weight loss, off weight lost – I think that makes sense. I've always gone off dress sizes and it's because just for me I can see it better. I couldn't look on the scales and it says I've lost six pound but I'm not actually going to feel that I've lost six pound. I'm not going to say "oh yeah, I can see six pound". Where is if I've gone down a dress size then I know and for me that has always worked better and I've had goals in place pretty much every step along the way and I'm really happy that I've been able to achieve them. I mean it's not been an easy road by any stretch. obviously there have been times where I really have struggled and it's not been -- it's not been pleasant at times but overall this experience has just been fantastic and I really couldn't thank the guys at Healthier Weight enough. I mean doctor Singhal that performed the surgery absolutely amazing. All the staff have been amazing. If I've ever needed a bit of help I've had Van you know, on the other end of the phone, the dietitian. I've had the ladies that do the fills are all lovely and every time I've needed something whether it be advice, or you know an appointment to go to the fill, they've always been there really really easy to get hold of. Really really easy to speak to and they act really really quickly. It's been an amazing journey for me. I think I think the highlight for me is, it probably would have been when I went on holiday about four months ish after. I did do a video from the balcony of the hotel, but I remember going on that holiday and the feeling of not being as apprehensive as I was the previous year. Feeling more confident in the clothes that I was wearing.


Everything just kind of -- it just fell into place and that feeling where you do feel more confident, and you're not as worried about is this pulling it is that pulling, how does this look, it makes the world of difference and I think as well as the physical changes, I've noticed like the changes in my mentality as well. I am feeling more confident when I go out. Even things like wearing my hair back before I would just never do that I'd be so self-conscious about showing all my face and tying all my hair back. I just wouldn't do it. Whereas now it's just kind of falls naturally. My hair goes back, it goes back and yeah it's amazing the way that it makes you change and your mindset about how you actually feel about yourself and just going about daily things. I never even realised what I would wear a scarf all the way through the year. It's so silly and it was because it was a long scarf and it would cover up it'd come down a quarter of my yummy and only thinking about it now, that's why I did it because I was self-conscious. But now obviously I've had all these changes I'd -- I went to put my scarf and I thought why!? Why are you putting your scarf on it's not even cold? You're only doing it because you were so used to doing it before so I went out and yeah just little, little things like that and it's just amazing it really is and to hear comments off family and friends; not just necessarily about the way I look but they say you seem so much happier. One of my friends that I've been friends with for a long time she said you seem more like they're old Lisa now. It means a lot and but regardless of what people say going on a journey like this where you where you do lose the weight, it does it affects everything and not even just me. It's affected like the family, I do more things with the kids now. I've lost count of the amount of times that we've been swimming and it's just fantastic because I think one of the things that obviously went towards me going ahead with the surgery was the impact that it was having on the children. Always having to say no because I felt self-conscious in a swimming costume or saying "oh no we can't really do this again" it wasn't fair and now you can't, you can't keep us in. We're off and about. We love to go on our walks, we go swimming, we go off at the park we do so much more stuff and it's nice that what I've done now is also having a positive and effect on them as well. I am super super happy.

The weight loss itself has been quite significant for me. Obviously, I'm for stone mark so fantastic, really really happy with that! But it has been gradual and I think that has been the key for me because had I lost it all in one go - really really quickly I think I probably would have put it back on but because it's been in little bits and I obviously have had the bits where I've just plateaued and I've not lost anything at all and I got really really frustrated with myself. These are all ones and two or three pounds they all add up. Especially when it's weekly and then at the end I am where I am so yeah i'm really really happy. Really happy.



I think though for me exercise was key. I did a lot of walking. I will swear by walking. I'm not really one for the gym. I don't kind of go for the whole gym scenario. Sometimes I find some of them a bit precocious but yes for me was just being out and about outdoors, going on long walks. As I said I'm really lucky we're close to a country park. Going up and down down the hills, it's just amazing and I think for me that was the time when I was losing, losing the most going out on the walks. So definitely something that I would 100% recommend because the band it is a tool, it doesn't do it for you do you need to work with it, and as much as I would love it to be you have your band in and then six months down the line your a size 10, it doesn't really work like that and I think the people that do think that's the case they need to kind of re-educate themselves because it's not. It's a lot to do with willpower and you do really really have to try and I'm not gonna lie, sometimes willpower will give in. But it's down to you to get yourself on track. As I said it won't do it for you, you do need to help. But if you do, if you work with the band then you get the results, and I've got the results. I'm really really happy. Obviously still not where I want to be but I think now I've given myself a big enough, stepping-stone, if you like, to get me -- get me there along the way. Still aiming for that size 12 and I do think it's achievable. But even though I've had this loss over these 12 months, the next 12 months they are gonna be really exciting and I'm very hopeful that I'll get to the twelve and who knows even maybe a 10 - stranger things have happened. But I'm definitely going to continue to work with it. I mean this is the tool for life now and it's something that I plan on using for the foreseeable. Having gone through all this, I won’t just dismiss like "Oh no it doesn't matter anymore". No, it does matter because it's not just about looking healthy on the outside it's about looking healthy on the inside and I do feel and so much more healthier now. I mean I was very lucky I'd never had any problems with and like diabetes or high blood pressure or anything like that. I was really really lucky, however I do feel that had I not had the band that I probably would have found myself in that situation sooner rather than later and to kind of dismiss a tool that I've got now and not use it moving forward I think would be really really silly because it's all about being healthy inside and having the band - I know that is obviously massively contributing towards being healthy on the inside as well so yeah I'm really really happy. Just want to thank everybody at Healthier Weight for the amazing job that they've done. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life and it's had one of the best outcomes as well. So I would yeah massively like to thank everyone the surgeons, the nurses even the girls on admin that I ring and bought my appointments with every single member of staff within Healthier Weight are they're just fantastic. So I couldn't have wanted more. I would recommend Healthier Weight to anybody thinking of weight loss surgery and if you are thinking about it don't just know step into it lightly really really think about it but I would 100% book in that consultation because they will set your mind at ease, answer any questions that you need to know, and yeah it's been brilliant for me. Couldn't have -- couldn't have asked for a better 12 months. So that's it for me for the final time. Recap of it all it's just been fantastic and I'm really thankful for everybody involved. So I won't speak to you all again soon now which sounds really really weird to say. But I hope that the videos and the pictures that I've been doing have helped to the people to maybe come to the decision of having a band or other people that have had the band and are looking for somebody else to give them a bit of a bit of guidance and a bit of confirmation about what they're feeling as well is normal. What I hope it's just I hope I've been a help! Thanks a lot and I hope whatever decisions that you make in regards to weight loss surgery, are decision's for you and that it all works out well because it has for me. Thanks a lot. bye-bye

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