Gastric band

Gastric band – SILS

The virtually scarless gastric band

SILS stands for Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery. It is an advanced surgical technique in which access to the abdominal cavity is gained through a single entry point. This means that surgery patients only have one scar, rather than the five scars with standard gastric band surgery.
Pioneering surgeon Professor Franco Favretti was the first surgeon to perform the operation via a single incision in 2009, and many patients now opt for this procedure due to the improved cosmetic result.

The ultimate in single incision surgery is the ‘No Scar’ gastric band which can only be performed by Professor Favretti and Healthier Weight. During this operation, the gastric band is implanted through the navel leaving no visible scars.

Benefits of a SILS gastric band

  • Reduced pain and complications: Patients tend to experience less post-operative pain and fewer port site complications
  • Faster recovery: Patients generally feel ready to return to normal activities more quickly
  • Better cosmetic outcome: Minimal scarring (no visible scarring when the band is placed through the navel) for a discreet result and greater self confidence
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