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Tracey's Gastric Band Diary

Hi I'm Tracey!

Tracey has agreed to help us explain to new enquirers exactly what is involved when having gastric band surgery and this blog will be updated weekly with her thoughts and some photos of her progress. 

This is a warts and all account of the procedure which we will post as written so others can understand what's involved and what can be gained from this powerful weight loss procedure.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

General weight loss news

  • Behind the scenesWe take a look behind the scenes of Tracey's professional photoshoot with Healthier Weight. This is still early on in Tracey's journey but the results are very noticeable.
  • Pre-Op interviewHave you ever wondered what someone goes through when they opt to have gastric band surgery? Their feelings, experience, queries and results?
  • Week 1From pre-op headaches to nerves on the day of the operation, read Tracey's diary of events leading up to and after her gastric band operation
  • Week 23 days post gastric band surgery, Tracey talks about the struggles of recovery and adapting to the reality of her decision.
  • Week 3Tracey's up and about, preparing for puree week and taking things one step at a time. It's a marathon not a sprint!
  • Week 4Nearly through the post-operative puree stage, Tracey's week has good days and bad. Wine involved with both we hope.
  • Week 5Realisation sets in and the hard work begins. Success comes in small steps for Tracey as she adapts to the new lifestyle.
  • Week 6It's first fill day - a worrying prospect for many needle-phobics. As the portions get smaller, Tracey tots up her losses so far.
  • Week 7Tracey does her best train impression this week as her mantra becomes "Chew chew chew" and the non-scale victories keep on coming.
  • Week 8Moving from liquids to food after adjustment yields mixed emotions as Tracey looks forward to a bit of pampering at a Healthier Weight photo shoot next week.
  • Week 9Some new clothes in new sizes shows there's light at the end of the tunnel for Tracey this week. The second band adjustment brings some nerves.
  • Week 10Strange feelings today, my stomach hasn't stopped gurgling and rumbling but I'm not hungry and I'm drinking plenty. My head is telling me I'm hungry one minute, and not the next...
  • Week 11Omg yesterday was such a long day. I forgot to have breakfast, had sushi driving, then half sandwich and finally toast. Carb overload, hopefully today will be better...
  • Week 12Off to Spain on Wednesday and was really hoping to be smaller than I am. God I hate high expectations, I always set myself up...
  • Week 13First stuck episode today. Luckily felt the symptoms and made it to toilets. Not sure the hotel staff would have appreciated...
  • Week 14Third fill yesterday went home and can't eat so had cup a two soups, a coffee and weetabix breakfast drink. Then decided...
  • Week 15It's not been easy but Tracey is coming out the other end now and starting to see a difference
  • Week 16It's not been the easiest week for Tracey with a few ups and downs, but she still manages to come out with a loss!
  • Week 17This week Tracey gets to grips with how heat and stress can affect the tightness of the band...
  • Week 18Tracey battles the cravings this week. Will she give in to temptation?
  • Week 19After her fill last week and a 3lbs loss, Tracey works hard to keep up the good work.
  • Week 20It's been a busy week as Tracey gets ready for her girly weekend away...
  • Week 21Tracey goes away on her girly weekend. But will she be able to resist them temptations?
  • Week 22After a roller coaster of a week, Tracey ends with a very pleasant surprise!
  • Week 23A small surprising loss for Tracey this week after an indulgent few days...
  • Week 24It's a bit of a hectic week for Tracey as her son is unwell, will she manage to keep up her hard work?


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