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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey

Have you ever wondered what someone goes through when they opt to have gastric band surgery? Their feelings, experience, queries and results?

Meet Tracey

Tracey has agreed to keep us updated with all the details of her weight loss journey with Healthier Weight; the good and the bad. Her account is intended to help others make an informed decision about weight loss surgery.

Tracey is due to have gastric band surgery on 28th Feb so we met up with her for a coffee and a chat to discuss her feelings prior to surgery. Take a look at the interview below.

Video Transcription

Just in case you don't have sound we've included a transcript below to help:

QUESTION 1 - How are you feeling about your upcoming surgery?

I'm excited, also nervous because it's an operation and you never know what's going to happen, she says. But excited more than anything else. It's the beginning of the future for us, well for me, and us a family, because I'll be able to be more confidence and happy which means that i'll be able to do more things with the children, and do more things for myself rather than just sit in the house feeling sorry for myself. 

QUESTION 2 - Did it take you a long time to decide to go ahead?

Straight away. I looked into it. First I thought it was just a quick fix I thought oh yeah i'll get this done and I'll be skinny and and get on with the rest of my life but the more I looked into it the more I realize it was a change, a lifestyle change, and it would take a lot of hard work. So as soon as I got my head round that, and realized that i've got to work for it and it wasn't just a quick fix, I decided to go ahead with it. So it was literally straight away.

QUESTION 3 - Have you told your family and friends that you're getting a Gastric Band?

I didn't at first because I needed to get my head round the fact that I was having it done and like say I thought it was this quick fix and easy way band and i've said it quite matter-of-factly and people have gone "Oh a gastric band" yeah, it's fine and they've just left it at that because I think they're more shocked that I'm being quite open about it. I've had a couple of funny looks as if to say say 'just diet' but most people know me and I've got a very close-knit family and friends we don't, I don't tend to mix well with others. So it's just my normal people who know me and know that I've tried most things and it's just not worked for me.

QUESTION 4 - Tell us about the diets you've tried. 

Oh gosh, have you got all day? I've been on nearly every single one except for the cabbage soup diet never done that because I don't like cabbage or soup. Slim-fast was horrendous, it gave me a headache and constipation and various other ailments. Weight Watchers I felt was too restrictive because you live, I lived on microwave meals and they were tasteless and not very nice, and slimming world has got me into this situation in first place because it's huge portions. Eat as much as you want, keep eating all the free food so now I have massive portions of the wrong stuff and it's just because i'm so used to eating big portions. So, need to cut that down.

QUESTION 5 - How much weight are you hoping to lose?

I would love to lose 8 stone that would be perfect, but because I'm so used to failing at diets and healthy eating regimes and things like that, anything between five and eight would be great and I wouldn't feel so disappointed in myself if I got to 5 stone.

QUESTION 6 - How have you found the pre-op diet?

I've gone on to the Acti-Diet pack from yourselves and the cream coconut shake is delicious and the Thai soup is to die for it's really really nice. The only thing I don't like is mushroom soup, because I don't like mushroom soup. But it does taste nice, tastes like mushroom soup. So yeah, I've found it all really nice. I just can't wait to try the porridge soon.

QUESTION 7 - What physical activities are you looking forward to?

I love the gym. I used to love going to the gym but because of home life I don't get any time. But now the youngest children are going to nursery in September so hopefully with the band and with the children at nursery i'll have the confidence to put on a pair of joggers and go to the gym. And hopefully we can get it all toned and wobble free! Eventually I mean we will take up cycling because i think as a family that would be so much fun it's just that my bum on a bike is just not a nice sight. Hopefully in about 12 months we'll get new bikes and go on family cycles.

QUESTION 8 - Was the pre-op process helpful and informative? 

Yes, both. I found that i'm having lots of calls which is unusual because you don't expect that, you'd expect to go in to the consultants be told what's going to happen and get a letter to say when the operation is, but I've had phone calls, i've had emails, i've had lots of contact. If there's been any problems, there hasn't been any problems but if there had been a problem, I know I could have just phoned up and someone would have given me an answer or found an answer that I needed.


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