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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 1

From pre-op headaches to nerves on the day of the operation, read Tracey's diary of events leading up to and after her gastric band operation

Day One of the pre-op diet

It can be difficult adjusting to a new diet. The rumbling tummy, the temptation to cheat... Tracey finds it day one a challenge.

First day pre op diet. I was surprised at how tasty the Weight To Goshakes and soups were. I didn't expect them to be edible. I got through the day and now getting ready for bed but I'm sooooo hungry. I'm going to have another shake and then time for bed. 

Day Two of the pre-op diet

Feeling motivated, Tracey fights the cravings and has a struggle with a headache.

I'm still motivated and OMG, these Weight To Go shakes are so nice. I had chicken and salad instead of soup at lunchtime as I wanted food (I actually wanted hot buttered toast). I drank lots more squash today which has helped fight the cravings. I did wake up with a headache this morning which hasn't helped the day.

Day Three of the pre-op diet

Acclimatizing to the pre-op diet is proving to be a struggle for Tracey.

Had an awful night's sleep. Woke up starving and suffering from a banging headache. Feeling rather lethargic, achy and generally just fed up and hungry.

Day Four of the pre-op diet

Four is the lucky number as Tracey is starting to feel much better.

"Woohoo!" I woke up feeling fabulous this morning. My headache has gone and I've got just enough energy to get through the day. 

THE BIG DAY - Day of the gastric band operation

Tracey feels expectantly nervous on the big day. She understands that the gastric band is not a solution on its own. It will take willpower, lifestyle changes and most of all, reducing the intake of junk food and takeaways. This isn't going to be easy if you've been in this lifestyle for 30 years.

Feel so nervous. This is the first time I've had second thoughts about if I'm doing the right thing. I've been living like this for 30 years that's a lot of junk and takeaways to give up.

Evening after the operation

Tracey's operation went smoothly so she was able to go home the same day. However it has left her feeling a little worse for wear, which is to be expected. 

Had the operation today. I feel like I've been hit by a bus but I am a baby when it comes to pain. My shoulder hurts, incision areas are sore and aching and I was so drowsy. I got home at midnight.

Day One Post Op

Tracey's recovery is underway.

Slept all day. Only woke up to take pain relief and to go to the toilet.

Day Two Post Op

Tracey tries to go for a walk too soon. It's important to let your body recover and rest after surgery. She also finds she's unable to eat much but it doesn't stop her thinking about food. After 30 years of eating the wrong foods, it wasn't going to be easy to change how she thinks about food.

Woke up still feeling uncomfortable so I took pain relief then decided to go for little walk. That was a BIG mistake! After 10 minutes of being in agony I ended up bursting into tears and phoned my partner to drive around corner to pick me up. 

I managed to eat 200ml of a cup of soup, a Weight To Go shake and small cup of prune juice today. I don't feel hungry but I can't stop thinking about a nice carvery.


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