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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 10

After her second fill, Tracey learns that no journey is always smooth sailing, and that ups and downs are a part of every journey.

Day Fifty Eight Post Op

Tracey is experiencing head hunger today

Strange feelings today my stomach hasn't stopped gurgling and rumbling but I'm not
hungry and I'm drinking plenty. My head is telling me I'm hungry one minute and not the next   

Tried weetabix on the go. I really enjoyed them and they definitely filled me up.


Day Fifty Nine Post Op

Tracey had a clear out today and found some old clothes that are now too big!

Kept busy today spent a good few hours sorting out all my clothes and pjs. Now have a lot less than I did yesterday and feel fab for it. Can only go forward (or down) now.  Was really funny, I put a pair of shorts on today that I wore last summer - there was enough room for my 3 yr old to get in them with me. 

Feeling happy and confident today for first time in years. Might have to have puréed food tonight as I'm hungry (not starving as I normally am on day 3 of liquids) 


Day Sixty Post Op

Tracey is finally able to run around with her children for the first time in ages.

Ball pool with children first time in ages I got in balls and played it was such fun and not embarrassing as I didn't struggle to stand up from sitting. Still a long way to go but another positive since having the band. 


Day Sixty One Post Op

Tracey feels as though she's gotten less restriction since her fill last week.

Omg think nurse Sally took out the fill rather than increasing it. I'm eating bigger portions and I'm so hungry.

Stuffed my face all afternoon and evening and still can't get a full feeling. This is the most I have eaten since beginning of my journey in February, feels like I don't actually have a band. If I carry on like this until next fill, I can see me gaining at least 10lbs. 


Day Sixty Two Post Op

After a binge yesterday, Tracey decides to draw a line and move on.

Well yesterday was a total fail, I had crisps, chocolate, wine and bread. Draw a line under yesterday and start afresh. Not sure I can feel so deflated and angry about the whole hungry situation . Had lovely afternoon at photo shoot even though I was very very self conscious can't wait to see pics 


Day Sixty Three Post Op

Tracey gives into a Chinese takeaway after battling hunger for hours

Still eating, constantly hungry every couple of hours and as much as I try to stop it, hunger takes over. I'm so close to ordering a takeaway.

Takeaway won and I ordered my old favourite couldn't eat a lot of it (more than I thought I could) but didn't enjoy it and feel bloated sick and as though I've just wasted money at least I've scratched that itch and won't be bothering with Chinese as comfort food again 


Day Sixty Four Post Op

Tracey realises that the Chinese takeaway last night probably wasn't such a good idea
Woke up today and feel so ill, maybe Chinese wasn't such a good idea. I have tummy ache and feel so sick. I've lost 2lb this week (god knows how) hope negative nelly does one and I can go back to my journey with the band 


Day Sixty Five Post Op

Tracey is still battling with hunger today
I have a 10ml band and it has 5ml saline in it I was ok at 4ml but nurse put extra ml in and it feels like I don't have a band I'm eating so much.


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