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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 11

Didn’t write every day this week as was away at Butlins for short break. Dreading getting on the scales this week because of all high calorie food I’ve eaten and my portion sizes, but I'm hoping for best.

Day Sixty Eight Post Op 

Although Tracey is still concerned with the amount she can eat, she's feeling a lot more confident about herself now

Omg yesterday was such a long day. I forgot to have breakfast, had sushi driving then half sandwich and finally toast so carb overload  hopefully today will be better. I've had a peanut protein bar for breakfast and a coffee.  

Still concerned with amount I can eat and tge choices I'm making so going to try to make a change today (as best I can). I'm feeling more confident than I have been since last fill!


Day Seventy One Post Op 

After a food fueled week, Tracey discovered it's only a 1lb gain!

Long week lots of food and lots of walking. On the plus side I've put on 1lb I honestly expected it to be more as I'm eating larger portions.

Really bizarre since I had my band I've been ok eating rice bread everything really with the exception of pork which I always get stuck but this week I've really struggled with bread and rice not sure why now but as bread is my weakness I'm not complaining 


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