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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 12

This week, excitement and nerves set in as Tracey goes on her first holiday abroad in 3 years, and her first time flying after her surgery.

Day Seventy Two Post Op 

With her holiday looming, Tracey decides to keep a strict record of what she's eating.

Off to Spain on Wednesday was really hoping to be smaller than I am god I hate high expectations I always set myself up to fail. Despite this I'm going to follow 1200 calorie sheet I was sent a couple months ago so hopefully I won't do too much damage next week

Today I've decided that I'm going to write down all food consumed from now until Wednesday see exactly how much I'm eating. Sorry if you find this a little boring and repetitive but I need to understand what the hell im doing  determined to use timer in between mouthfuls and timer for 20 minutes  

Breakfast - Coffee weetabix in the go (3/4 bottle) and peanut protein bar 

Snack - mini green & blacks milk chocolate. Lunch jkt pot seafood and salad (20 mins n still food on plate could have carried on eating but stopped because of timer).

Dinner - didn't fill me so had 3 chicken pakora as afternoon snack and a peanut butter protein bar. Bottle of Prosecco and 2 biscuits. I don't pick if I'm not hungry 


Day Seventy Three Post Op 

With the children's food a temptation, Tracey's finding it difficult to resist

Breakfast was a cup of coffee not hungry. Children decided it was KFC for lunch so I had 2 hot wings and a mini fillet and evening meal was mackerel salad so not a lot of food today but a lot of calories in lunch.

Why can't I eat this little everyday then I would be happy it's a huge roller coaster of feast or famine at the moment and I feel totally out of control. 20 minutes is NOT enough time to eat a meal lol 


Day Seventy Four Post Op 

Tracey has a little slip up today
Washing drying packing and picking mad busy day. Ordered Chinese for dinner 5 mouthfuls and full what a complete waste of money 


Day Seventy Five Post Op 

It's been a good day for Tracey, food wise. Although the stress of the holiday could be causing a tighter band..

Apple for breakfast chicken salad for lunch and I had a couple of crisps around 5 but they seem to have got stuck I chewed properly so can only assume the stress of mix up o with holiday transfers is causing something to go in with my band 


Day Seventy Six Post Op 

It's Tracey's first holiday abroad in over 3 years, what changes will she notice?

Fly out to Spain first holiday abroad in over 3 years due to being pregnant with twins then problems with my youngest and omg I got in the seat comfortably managed to fasten seatbelt AND have room to tighten it and put the tray down without it touching me I've never had to have a seat belt extension but it came close

It was a very strange feeling when flying. I couldn't eat or drink anything hot just sipped water but I had a very similar feeling to when I had my first fill like a sickly butterfly sensation so wondering if this was something to do with cabin pressure as I've never had this feeling pre band.

Day Seventy Seven Post Op

The temptation is strong for Tracey today so she keeps the portions small

The temptation is so great I know I'm overeating I am still using a small plate but having two for each meal. 


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