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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 13

It's a rollercoaster of emotions for Tracey this week, as she finds the temptations of an all inclusive resort hard to resist but ending on a positive weight loss victory!

Day Seventy Eight Post Op

Tracey experiences her first stuck episode today

First stuck episode today. Luckily felt the symptoms and made it to toilets. Not sure the hotel staff would have appreciated me throwing up in restaurant lol. Keep looking around at all the slim people thinking next holiday I will be a thin person 


Day Seventy Nine Post Op

An all inclusive resort is playing havoc with Tracey's eating habits

What a rollercoaster of emotions eating and drinking because I'm all inclusive and feeling of guilt because I'm eating and drinking. Will this ever stop?


Day Eighty Post Op

Even the small non scale victories make the hugest differences

Whoohooooooo I always take my own towels on holiday as I like the towel to go all the way around me and usually hotel towels gape at the side. Today I grabbed a hotel towel instead of mine and it went round me ALL THE WAY AROUND me NSV 


Day Eighty One Post Op

Tracey comes to terms with the fact she has gained on holiday and tries to remember Sally's tips

Dreading the flight home as every time I've been on holiday I always travel both ways in same clothes for comfort and they are always very Snug. Not this time they still fit the same as when I travelled out. I know I'm going to have gained as have felt no restriction since last fill and I've been drinking way too much wine but have tried to monitor my food intake. 

Some days on holiday when I've gone to put masses of sauce on my food I've repeated in my head (or at least I hope it was in my head) dip don't tip and it has reminded me which is a positive 


Day Eighty Two Post Op

Reality hits and it's time to step on the scale.. to see a whopping 4lb loss!

Back to reality with a bang. Going for 3rd fill tomorrow really hoping I start to eat less again. I will be joining the gym next week hopefully on Wednesday.

 Omg omg omg got on scales to prepare myself for a gain and whooooop whoop I've only lost 4lb over last 2 weeks yay yay yay. I'm literally dancing around my lounge typing this.


Day Eighty Three Post Op

It's Tracey's third adjustment and she's feeling positive

Been to see the lovely Sally in Birmingham for my 3rd fill. We had a good chat and I'm feeling hopeful about this fill. Got a large selection of soups to manage me over next few days. So glad I've lost those couple of stone as this heat is awful. 


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