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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 14

This week Tracey realises that it's her head, not her stomach, that's causing her to over eat. With a total loss of 4lbs this week, and 2 inches this month, things are looking positive

Day Eighty Four Post Op

Tracey is at it with the wine again, making her temptations stronger..

Third fill yesterday went home and had cup a two soups, a coffee and weetabix breakfast drink. Then decided I'm having a glass of wine. 3 glasses later was picking at kids left overs as I hadn't put them straight in bin. Does anyone else do this?  

I realised what I'd done and spat food into the bin but so enjoyed the taste and chewing I did it again but DIDNT swallow. Again am I the only weirdo to do this?


Day Eighty Five Post Op

Tracey finally names her band!

Miss chewing but not hungry. Keeping my liquids up, and having a mixture of meal replacement drinks and soups. 

Been feeling a little dizzy and spaced out, not sure what's going on and I am certainly going to struggle not chewing tomorrow as out for day for the twins birthdays. I might go into soft foods a day early unless there is soup at the place we're going. Doh, just realised tomorrow is soft food day lol 

Finally named my band its about time I got to know Benji on a personal level he's going to be around for a long time yet 


Day Eighty Six Post Op

Tracey is still surprising herself with the small amounts she can eat

Was my twins 3rd birthday so trip to ball pool and carvery. I had potatoes gravy stuffing and carrots (still on mush) was surprised at how little I ate to the point I will be sharing with one of the twins next time I go lol.


Day Eighty Seven Post Op

Tracey's eyes are bigger than her stomach today and she needs her head to catch up

When will my head catch up with my belly? Ordered Chinese last night (chips and curry sauce as in mush). Ordered small portion as I know that I can't eat much. What another waste of money, I had about 5 mashed chips and was full. My head really needs to realise food isn't priority anymore and eating out is a complete waste of money.

Couple glasses of vino and I've ordered Chinese I'm not hungry and won't eat it, but automatically ordered it. Please please head, catch up! THE BAND IS NOT FORGIVING. THE BAND DOES NOT MAKE AN EXCEPTION!!!!


Day Eighty Eight Post Op

Another 4lb loss this week and Tracey's feeling positive

I've lost 4lb this week and total of 2" this month. Slow and steady wins the race. I really thought my loss would be bigger but I've finally realised this weight is leaving me forever and never coming back, so I'm happy with any weight and inch loss.


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