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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 15

Webready - Week 15.jpg

It's not been easy and at times I wondered why I had done this to myself but I'm coming out the other end now and starting to see a difference so worth every penny and every minute of pain and self doubt xx stay positive xx

Day Eighty Nine Post Op

Tracey finally decides to ditch the wine

I've given up wine because of calories (not only have I lost my best friend food but now wine as well). Going to try Gin. I have everything I need just need to pluck up courage to try it now

Really !!!! Who knew pork sausage had pork in it! The only thing I can't eat is pork and guess what I picked up and ate today without even thinking yup a pork sausage, hate stuck episodes


Day Ninety Post Op

Tracey had a late brunch today and managed to keep her portions small

Didn't get up until late so had brunch normally I would have 2 sausage 3bacon eggs 2 toast 2 hash browns and beans or tinned toms today I had egg 2 slices crispy bacon half slice of toast and 2 cherry tomatoes can't describe how I enjoyed it


Day Ninety One Post Op

Retail therapy is on Tracey's mind today 

Still can't believe I'm in a 16 pjs and tops. Really need to get my bum to the shops to buy new jeans as my sister kindly told me today mine look a mess. Normally I like shopping but there is nothing worse than trying to get a comfortable pair of jeans. I usually get Evans wide leg pear fit but they have stopped selling them so back to the drawing board.


Day Ninety Two Post Op

Tracey struggles to know what advice to take on board and is getting a bit confused

What a horrible day. Sure it's PMT but like an idiot I put a pic of my evening meal last night on a FB page (not HW) and the amount of comments saying I shouldn't eat carbs and need to eat green veg is unbelievable. Really feeling like I'm a total failure so eventually text Super Sally who put my mind at rest (sort of) and spoke to Van this evening who confirmed I'm doing OK and making good choices so to carry on 

I was happy with my food choice but got concerned when everyone in the site said I shouldn't be eating carbs. If I could live on salads I wouldn't have needed the band. I know I have to change my eating habits too but really upset today


Day Ninety Three Post Op

Tracey keeps her snacking to herself today

How bad is it I've waited til my 3 yr old is in bed so I don't have to share my Stilton and crackers - bad mommy moment

Day Ninety Four Post Op

Tracey's ecstatic as she manages to fit into a size 16 jeans 

So my size 18 jeans are loose still wearable at the moment and I really want to go buy a 16. I know they won't fit me and I'm worried that if I try them on I will feel a failure and grab some food and stuff my face (my usual fall back pick me up) I'm really struggling about wanting that size jeans to spur me on but worried old habits will kick in oh god what to do 

Well I did it I brought a size 16 and HELL YES they fit although a bit tight around my Calfs (I have lipodema) they fit whoohoo go me 

Wore size 16 jeans for this weeks photos (size 20 in first pic)

I'm slowly becoming more used to my band and listening to my body I still have blips but all in all it's good and my weight is going down.


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