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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 17

This week Tracey gets to grips with how heat and stress can affect the tightness of the band...


Day 101 Post Op 

Tracey has a healthy start to the day

Still feeling confused. Made time for breakfast today (only an apple but more than I usually have). Still fighting the urge to get on the scales to see I've gained a ton of weight. 


Day 102 Post Op 

Tracey can't seem to get a hang of the eating techniques

Stuffed. Hungry and fed up. Need to eat slowly and chew. Get with it Tracey! Omg why do I insist on ordering Chinese I CANT eat. 


Day 103 Post Op 

Mixing the band and the heat together doesn't seem to be a good mix for Tracey

This weather is awful. I love the sun, but the heat + band = no appetite and lots of stuck episodes. I'm sure the band has shrunk in the heat. 


Day 104 Post Op 

Tracey has a healthy food day today

Need to eat today not eaten much for couple days so I started the day with actidiet shake, then brought a subway salad of the day which did lunch and dinner (just added some mackerel to evening portion). I've still got a portion left for tomorrow. Best £2.80 I've spent lol. 


Day 105 Post Op 

The weather is still effecting Tracey's appetite

Finished salad off today. Still struggling to keep anything down it has so got to be the weather. 


Day 106 Post Op 

Although the hot weather is sticking around. Tracey's finding it much easier to cope

Still struggling to eat although much better today - not as hot and I'm not as stressed. 4th fill tomorrow. 


Day 107 Post Op 

Fill number four today, but Sally decided that with the hot weather sticking around that it's best to leave things as they are.    

Visit to the clinic for next fill but unfortunately due to all the stuck episodes and regurgitation, nurse Sally wouldn't do a fill. I'm going back next week armed with a food diary and hopefully my technique will improve and I can get the fill x


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