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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 18

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It's the battle of the carbs this week! Will Tracey give in? 


Day 108 Post Op

Tracey aims to take her time eating her meals

Yet another mad busy week ahead although I plan on taking time to eat my meals (well most of them).       


Day 109 Post Op

Today was a good day!

Good day good wise no stuck episodes.


Day 110 Post Op

Tracey gives in to her temptation today

Salad again. Really getting fed up with salad so out comes the chocolate - cue PMT.


Day 111 Post Op

Tracey's cravings are still strong so she tries to go for healthier options

Bread and chocolate is all I want. I'm a moody cow so I gave in, and had a 6" flatbread from subway (to my surprise I could only eat 3" before the band I'd eat a foot long and packet of crisps) and had some more chocolate. At least now I have mini chocolate bars or single wrapped chocolate instead of £2 bar of galaxy. 


Day 112 Post Op            

Tracey has a bit of a bump in the confidence road today            

Kids!!!!!! Just as I'm about to go out the door my son finds his breakfast bowl and proceeds to put porridge all down my jeans (only pair I have that fit). So rummaging through wardrobe and find a pair of jeans that I hadn't given away - size 20 but from Matalan so small fitting. Put them on and OH MY GOD they are tighter than my size 16. I'm devastated how can I be back in a size 20.

What a joke I feel fatter now than before I had the band! How is this possible? I have lost 3 stone since the beginning of my journey yet I feel bigger than I've ever been :-( 


Day 113 Post Op

Off to see nurse Sally - what will today hold?   

WOW lost 3lbs was convinced I had gained. I even wore same clothes (even down to bra and pants) so I couldn't make an excuse for gaining weight, so I was in total shock when she told me I lost.


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