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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 19

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After her adjustment, Tracey finds her hunger is more prominent than ever as she battles to get through the 3 days of purees and liquids. 

Day 113 Post Op

Tracey is still in shock over her loss

Still in shock at losing another 3lbs this week. Feels like a rip off having to do 3 days liquid and the 3 days mush for 0.25 fill.


Day 114 Post Op

Tracey's hunger is returning after her fill            

Really struggling with hunger. It's making me so snappy!


Day 115 Post Op       

Tracey is excited to be moving onto pureed foods      

Yay food might be slop, but it's so much better than liquid. If I never see soup again it will be too soon.


Day 116 Post Op 

Understandably, food is at the forefront of Tracey's mind today. Not long until she's back onto normal foods again.

Counting down the hours til textured food tomorrow. My god all I've done since Friday is think about food. 

Day 117 Post Op        

Food is still on the brain as Tracey looks forward to having her first textured meal in a few days.

I can honestly say this week has been the hardest week ever. Everywhere I look I see food, I'm dreaming of food, and so hungry!

Looking for a gym to suit my needs now as usually just go for local authority gym but want a programme designed specifically for me so i'm now looking at personal trainers. 


Day 118 Post Op        

Tracey questions her achievements

Why do I feel more awake and certainly have more energy but still feel as big as I did at the start of my journey?????????


Day 119 Post Op      

Looking forward to her girly weekend, Tracey is thinking positively

Only one week until my girls weekend really hope I am at my restriction as will definitely gain weight next weekend. 

I've stayed same this week which is a surprise as I thought I would have lost. I'm hoping that it's just a difference between Sally's scales and my scales. 



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