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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 2

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3 days post gastric band surgery, Tracey talks about the struggles of recovery and adapting to the reality of her decision.

Day Three Post Op

Still early days since the operation, Tracey is feeling a bit blue.

Still in pain today. I'm feeling a bit like a failure as I can't hold and cuddle my children like I normally would. I'm still not hungry though. 

Day Four Post Op

To prune juice or not to prune juice? That is the question.

Morning entry: Feeling better today but the pain has come back in my shoulder. Prune juice is a must and it helps.

Evening entry: Day 4 post op and it's the first day I've eaten the full quota since the operation on Tuesday.  I've had a glass of prune juice two out of the four days and tonight I've been stuck on the toilet. Is it the prune juice or is it because I've only just started eating the full amount allowed? I'm not sure prune juice is such a good idea now... bloody minefield.

Day Five Post Op

Tracey is getting back into short walks without pain and has a sneaky weigh-in to see if all her hard work is paying off.

Almost feeling fab, however still aching and I bit of trapped wind. I went for a 20 minute walk today and although it was a lot I really enjoyed being mobile and outside. I weighed myself tonight, although will do it again in morning as Monday is my weigh day, and I have lost a few pounds.

I still want food, I'm very temped to have puréed food already but I'm resisting the urge so far.

Day Six Post Op

Tracey breaks her healthy regime less than a week into her gastric band. Emotional eating is a tough nut to crack.

First day on my own with my child Ronny. I walked the school run twice.

I'm aching so much and in a lot of pain today. Ronny decided to kick, bite and headbutt my tummy. I'm not sure why I feel guilty about having the gastric band operation now as I know it's for best, but I'm finding it difficult as I'm struggling to do the basics with my son. So I decided to eat food. I know I know, but comfort eating is what got me here in first place. I had three tablespoons of curry sauce and the inside of five oven-chips mushed up and it went down a treat.

On the plus side, I've lost 6lb this week. That's a total of 1st 5lbs since the first day pre-op diet (three weeks ago) and 1st 8lb since I decided to start this journey seven weeks ago.

Day Seven Post Op

Tracey shares her concern from eating food too soon yesterday.

After eating food too soon before I'm meant to yesterday, my tummy is bloated and I feel very tender. I had coffee and yogurt for breakfast, soup for lunch and soup for dinner today. I hope my blip yesterday hasn't done any damage to me.

Day Eight Post Op

Tracey is beginning to struggle as she still thinks about food. For any Healthier Weight patients who feel like Tracey, we strongly recommend you call us for support. The gastric band will help weight loss, but ultimately it's commitment from the patient that will see the big results.

Food food food, I want food.

Day Nine Post Op

A good brisk walk in the sun.

Good day today. I had no pain, just a couple of aches where the port is, but went for a walk around the shops and had a coffee. I sat in the sunshine (cold but sunny so who cares).


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