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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 20


Tracey notices positive changes in her appetite and goes bikini shopping for her girly weekend away


Day 120 Post Op    

Tracey discovers some new food to add to her diet

Discovered lovely high protein meals delivered by muscle food. Nice tasting and big portions (looked small but I couldn't eat a full one). Way too much chicken but very tasty.


Day 121 Post Op

After a busy day, the wine goes to Tracey's head

Omg no proper meals today. I can't believe I forgot to eat. It's been mad busy day shopping with the children, then out with friend so the wine went straight to my head. Won't be doing that again. 


Day 122 Post Op

Fizzy pop is causing Tracey some discomfort

Made an effort to eat today. I feel much better although I'm struggling with fizzy pop today which is unusual. Looks like back to flat for a while. 


Day 123 Post Op

Tracey's exercise ideas come to a hault               

All set to join a six week boot camp and BAM it hits me! I can't as kids break up next week for six and a half weeks, and no one to have them while I go. Totally devastated as I'm now looking at September before I can think of doing something regular.

Upped my steps on my Fitbit from 8,000 to 10,000. 


Day 124 Post Op

With her girly weekend coming up, Tracey goes bikini shopping              

Only 2 days to go until my girly weekend so I've been looking around the shops for new top and bikini and everywhere has sales on, yay! Still automatically head straight for plus size section which I don't need to do anymore.


Day 125 Post Op

Tracey realises she's been forgetting something very important                

Wondered why I have been so tired this week and just realised I haven't been taking my vitamins. They are a must for me, so keeping them in my handbag so if I forget to take them in a morning they will be with me whenever I remember.


Day 126 Post Op

It's almost time to go!            

Packing my bags whoohoo! No children or stress for 2 whole days. I can't wait! oh and I've lost 1lb this week :)


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