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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 21

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Tracey has a weekend away with her friends but will she give in to the temptations?


Day 127 Post Op

Tracey is enjoying her weekend away and can't resist indulging a little..

Lovely hotel and food is amazing. Unfortunately, today I've been naughty and had onion rings (with black squid ink batter), mini fish cakes with spinach and potatoes bravas. Some slider foods, but one meal shouldn't do too much harm.


Day 128 Post Op

Tracey loses her appetite from the heat and the temptation of wine starts to creep in

OMG it's so bloody hot my band is tight and I'm not hungry. Managed a poached egg for breakfast. Had lunch at 4pm as didn't realise time and wasn't hungry had salad and prawns. 

Of course, there has been Sangria and Cava so I’m really hoping I can pull back the few pounds I've gained by Friday. But this short break was well needed and deserved.

Day 129 Post Op 

It's home time for Tracey. How will the flight affect her band?

Off home today, the flight went well. I was even able to sip water throughout the flight which I haven't been able to do since I had the band. Maybe it's time for a fill. 


Day 130 Post Op 

After gaining a pound over the weekend, Tracey is having a bit of a down day.

Oops weighed myself this morning (big mistake). I've put on 1lb over few days away. I'm now feeling awful about wasting money on my band if I'm just going to drink my calories!


Day 131 Post Op 

After gaining a pound over the weekend, Tracey is having a bit of a down day. 

Running around like a chicken without a head. So much to do and so little time so yet again grabbing food on the go - really must stop this and make time for myself. 


Day 132 Post Op

Tracey realizes that it might be time for another adjustment 

Night up with my son so very tired and not in least bit hungry. I did have crackers and cheese for lunch. 

Had a massive evening meal which got me thinking about the size of my meals over last week, and realised I'm eating around double the size of meals I was eating last week. Either my band needs a top up or I'm just greedy.


Day 133 Post Op 

Tracey has her adjustment today

Text nurse Sally this morning and she managed to squeeze me in this morning. Luckily, I had a coffee at 8 so no worries if I have a fill today. Weighed myself and stayed the same (lost 1lb I put on over weekend).

Meeting went well with nurse Sally and had a small fill so I’m back on liquids for few days. It's worth it as I weighed the same as I did when I went to see nurse Sally 3 weeks ago. Apparently, my port has moved slightly, I didn't know it could do that lol.


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