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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 22

Week 22 - Tracey's gastric band journey

It's a bit of a roller coaster this week for Tracey, with lots of emotional ups and downs. Will she make it down to the next stone?        

Day 134 Post Op

Tracey is feeling motivated after her fill       

Had my fill yesterday and feel very motivated, but omg how embarrassing is the gurgling in my tummy? Sounds like there is a monster fighting to get out!


Day 135 Post Op

Tracey is looking forward to moving onto pureed foods              

Soft foods tomorrow yay! I love soup but it gets so tedious, got me a lovely curry for tomorrow. My fave food.


Day 136 Post Op        

Tracey has an emotional day and is convinced that she has put on weight            

Omg emotion overload today. I am totally convinced I have put on at least 8lbs this week and convinced I have an overfilled band. I'm so all over the place and terrified I will start gaining weight again. Supposed to be going out Friday. New outfit from top to bottom and I'm 150% sure it won't fit and I will look like an over stuffed sausage 

I ate 1 mashed oven chip and one mini onion bhargi blended to soft mush, with 2 tablespoons of chicken curry. It was delicious. Although pre-band I would have had whole curry, decent portion of chips, full naan bread and around 6 mini onion bhargis. Still can't believe I'm full on something that wouldn't fill a baby.


Day 137 Post Op   

Tracey has a hard time sticking to her post fill diet        

I want to eat what I want to eat not soup not mush just food. Omg this is how I ended up needed surgery. 


Day 138 Post Op    

Tracey is sticking to small portion sizes

How small are my portions!? Omg, I'm eating less than my 3-year-old!


Day 139 Post Op 

Will Tracey be able to resist the buffet at the races?

Off to races tomorrow. So excited, although there is an open bar and hot/cold buffet. 


Day 140 Post Op

It's been a difficult week, but her hard work has paid off!

Omg what can I say a massive 7lbs off this week sooooo happy! Plus I've gone down to the next stone range.    


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