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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 23

Tracey's gastric band journey - Week 23

After making some indulgent choices this week and battling with cravings, Tracey is still surprised with a loss!        

Day 141 Post Op

Tracey's choices leave her feeling worse for wear

What a good night, although I drank copious amounts of wine so now I’m dreading weigh in Friday! Food wasn't an issue, just the free flowing wine. Now I’ve got to do a 3.5 hour drive home. Think it will be snacks only today as I’m not sure I can stomach food.


Day 142 Post Op

A day to unwind for Tracey today

Small, regular meals. Trip to the park and very little else today. 


Day 143 Post Op

Tracey's hunger still hasn't returned      

Not hungry today at all! Managed to eat mackerel and a half slice of bread for breakfast, and cheese and crackers for dinner. Also I’ve noticed my drinks have dropped off so need to keep up fluids. 


Day 144 Post Op

Tracey still battles the tiny portions and lack of appetite

Food is so overrated. Must eat more! 


Day 145 Post Op

A day out with the children leads to an indulgent treat

Off to the Sea Life centre with the children today. Also had a look around for the bears that are scattered around Birmingham. The kids loved it! I did lots of walking and we all had a lovely lunch in Pizza Express, which is much better than McDonald's lol.


Day 146 Post Op

Tracey is battling the chocolate cravings        

Chocolate, chocolates and chocolate! Mmmmmm.. I’m wondering whether it has any protein in as that's all I want to eat today!!???


Day 147 Post Op

A surprising loss considering this weeks' indulgent choices

I’ve lost 1lb this week. Not as brilliant as last weeks’ loss, but considering all the alcohol I had last week it was a nice surprise!

I have noticed when I go out to eat I have a well balanced small meal that I enjoy, whereas at home I just grab and eat and don't actually enjoy my food! 


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