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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 24


It's been a tough week for Tracey, as her son is unwell. Dealing with stress causes Tracey to revert back to bad habits.        

Day 148 Post Op

Tracey enjoys a meal out for her sister's birthday

Off to harvester for birthday meal for my sisters birthday. I like harvester as I don't have to worry about portion sizes as they are happy to serve children's meals to adults. 


Day 149 Post Op

It's a good food day today!

Good night yesterday. One glass of wine, chicken and veg and an early night. Today however, has been mad busy sorting and moving around the children's bedrooms. I did manage to eat porridge for breakfast and jacket potato with cheese and salad for dinner. Also managed keep my liquids up. 


Day 150 Post Op

Will the stress make it harder to keep up the healthy eating?

Another long day. Poorly son, I so ate what I could when I could - not ideal. I did chew chew chew and haven't had a stuck episode, which is first time for me when I'm stressed and eating whatever. 


Day 151 Post Op

A tough day means falling back into bad habits

Got a poorly boy so I fell back into bad habits. I have been picking all day and had a Chinese for dinner. Had a stuck episode, not good! I hope he's better tonight, can't continue like this but he takes priority so my needs are way down the list. 


Day 152 Post Op

Exciting trips are on the horizon 

Booked to take children to Blackpool next week, so I hope little one improves soon.


Day 153 Post Op

Tracey finds it hard to get back on track

Ok my son is better! I've managed to eat sensibly today but really think the damage is done. 


Day 154 Post Op

After a stressful week, Tracey is disappointed in the outcome.

So I was right 2lb on this week. So disappointed in myself and everything that's gone on feels like all the times I've joined fat club, done so well then the weight starts going back on. So disappointed.


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