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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 25

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It's Tracey's birthday this week meaning potential indulgent foods and liquid calories that could cause a stall on her weight loss.        

Day 155 Post Op

Tracey is finding the outcome of last week's indulgent choices are getting her down.

Still can't shake the negativity of the gain yesterday.


Day 156 Post Op

An upcoming birthday means an indulgent few days. Will it impact her weight loss?

It's my birthday tomorrow and as usual I'm not looking forward to it. Luckily we are driving to Blackpool for a few days, so most of day will be spent in the car. Unluckily it's junk food for next few days. I feel another gain this week. 


Day 157 Post Op

Tracey's food choices result in a stuck episode

On the road for couple hours. I wasn't hungry so I didn't have breakfast. Went to the pub for lunch and then had spicy chicken and salad then for dinner KFC (yay two hot wings which got stuck).


Day 158 Post Op

The liquid calories have a hold on Tracey 

Met up with family members lots of walking.. but also lots of wine! 


Day 159 Post Op

Although her choices could have been better, Tracey managed to do lots of walking and enjoyed her birthday trip

Lots and lots and lots of walking! I'm aching in places I didn't know I had. Food choices aren't the best but I've had lovely couple of days. 


Day 160 Post Op

Tracey is feeling the effects of all that walking

I've woken up feeling so rough today - I'm aching (probably from all the walking) and I have a headache and sore throat. Looks like i'll be lying on sofa and not stuffing my face with chocolate. 


Day 161 Post Op

Although Tracey didn't gain this week, she can't help but feel disapointed with the plateau she faces

Morning. Stayed the same this week. Looks like I'm staring at this wall blocking my way for another week.  I've booked in for fill on 29th August let's hope I don't gain any more weight between now and then. 

Feeling useless and a total failure even looking at my weight loss keyring isn't making me feel better. 


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