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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 27

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Tracey is still figuring out her own eating habits after a week of ups and downs.


Day 168-174 post-op

It's been a struggle to eat much this week and difficult to remember some of the rules she was taught.

I’ve tried to stay positive this week but unfortunately with some of the stresses I've been struggling to eat much at all. It's been a week of ups and downs. I've struggled remembering band rules which, until recently, were ingrained. However, there is a light at end if tunnel. Has anyone ever noticed if you are hungry you pop anything in your mouth, but with the band if you pick you can't eat your meal? Still getting my head around this. ALSO BOOBS I've lost no weight off my boobs, it's bloody brilliant.

Woohoo finally got my beauty and beast pyjamas from Primark. Automatically picked up an XL and they are TOO BIG. Whoohooooooo I'm not taking them back because (a) I've finally got them and (b) they are too big. Too big from Primark, I’ve never ever been in this position before!!

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