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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 28

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Tracey's doing well with small portions and no snacking in between means. It all pays off when she fits into a size 14 pair of jeans!

Day 175 post-op

Tracey starts to feel herself again

Enjoying what little food I am eating. My energy levels seem to be rising - not massively but I certainly feel more energized. Not sure if that's weight loss, lack of crap food, or the thought of getting back to normality soon.


Day 176 post-op

Tracey notices the little changes in her health

Ball pool with children today. Omg, I've forgotten how exhausting running about is! Although I managed much longer than the 5 minutes I usually play with them in there.


Day 177 post-op

A restless night for Tracey

Nice quiet uneventful day today. Unfortunately I was very restless at night, and trying to fix world problems. Didn't sleep until 4am and one of children was up at 5.30am so I'm not sure what tomorrow will be like...


Day 178 post-op

A tired Tracey battles through the day

No sleep means tired and stressed me. Stress = stuck episodes. I didn't eat much but had a couple protein drinks and lots of small sips so I wasn't ill. It's looking positive...


Day 179 post-op

Tracey is determined to get back on track today

What a long week so far! Today is the day all children are at school so I am determined to eat properly agai! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all hot and I enjoyed every mouthful. Portion sizes are on track and filling. Not snacking either!


Day 180 post-op

A good day today!

Another good day lots of walking and generally feeling good. No stuck episodes!


Day 181 post-op

Non-scale victories are helping to keep Tracey positive

Shopping for jeans today and got into a size 14 - yay go me! I didn't buy them as the waist was gaping so off to find a better fitting pair, even if I have to go up a size lol.

Another good day!


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