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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 29

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Tracey is finding it difficult to accept compliments from others and the thought of joining a gym could become a reality.

Day 182-188 post-op    

Tracey's confidence is still low, will joining a gym help her feel better about herself?

So strange that I can't accept compliments and still don't accept I'm losing weight and actually gaining confidence. Everyone else seems to be doing so much better and WHY would, or do, people want to hear such negative reviews or comments?

Visit requests have been sent off to couple gyms. My intention is to have joined a gym by the end of the week. Onwards and upwards as they say. My routine is finally back in place and meals are being eaten at regular times and my portion sizes are good. Really need to do my measurements soon and I'm getting tempted to weigh myself as haven't weighed myself since my fill on 1st September. I totally understand why it's called the sad step now!

I didn't get to join a gym but brought a cross trainer so going to do 20 mins a day on that. That's my goal over next 2 weeks as I'm really unfit. Can't imagine I will manage more than about 4 minutes at a time!


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