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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 3

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Tracey's up and about, preparing for puree week and taking things one step at a time. It's a marathon not a sprint!

Day Ten Post Op

Tracey enjoys a Chinese soup and has to decline a meal out as it's still to early to enjoy solid foods. 

I'm still feeling hungry, drinking loads and craving spicy foods. I had hot-and-sour soup tonight from the local Chinese takeaway for dinner and it was lovely. I did eat the whole pot but it was over two sittings as there was no way I could have eaten it in one go. 

I am feeling a bit sad tonight as I was invited out for a meal and some cocktails and I couldn't go as I can't have anything like that really. I'm trying to stay positive by thinking there will be other invites but I would have loved to have gone out tonight.

Day Eleven Post Op

Tracey is still very food orientated so she makes plans for the foods she can eat when she can enjoy food again.

Managing to do a little more walking and things about the house. I still seem to get tired easily but I can't wait until Tuesday. I've already planned what food to eat.

Day Twelve Post Op

The biggest struggle yet for Tracey since her operation twelve days ago. Tracey knows she has to stop comfort eating, and maintain her willpower, but it's easier said than done.

Morning entry: Made a mushroom curry yesterday and blended it down. I can't cope with being this hungry over the last few days. It was lovely and although I didn't eat the full portion, it filled me up. 

I tried calling Healthier Weight early this morning but there was no answer (forgot it was Sunday). I had a biscuit with a cup of coffee as I'm feeling fed up and hungry. I need to stop comfort eating but unless I start eating today I don't think I will succeed at this.

Feeling hungry and a failure. What to do???

Day Thirteen Post Op

Tracey is excited for puréed food, can she wait until then?

Been shopping today. I'm ready for purée tomorrow, I'm so excited. I have stayed the same weight this week.

Day Fourteen Post Op

Tracey's certainly losing weight, so much so she needs a new top.

Excitement of eating is so great I've treated myself to scrambled egg and coffee at Sainsbury's cafe today (I hate scrambled eggs but thought I'd give them one last go). They were edible but I won't be having them a lot. It was nice to eat something other than soup and shakes.

I've had to buy a new t-shirt for my weekly photos and the original one I had is too big now. This new t-shirt is a little tight but what the hell, it will be too big soon! 

Day Fifteen Post Op

Lesson learned for Tracey - don't eat whole foods until it's safe to do so.

OMG what an awful night last night was. I had jacket potato with prawns in seafood sauce. The prawns were blended down so I thought 'great'. It was a weird texture but tasted the same. Unfortunately there were a couple of prawns that hadn't blended down and I still ate them. Cue indigestion (I thought I was dying the pain was so severe), throwing up and I finally managed to get to sleep sitting up. Never again will I eat un-blended food until my 2 weeks of eating pureed foods are over. I'm still in some discomfort today so I haven't managed to eat a lot today but I had porridge for breakfast and some tinned pasta blended down.

Day Sixteen Post Op

Tracey still struggles to detach herself from food.

I had a better day today. I ate sausage and egg for breakfast, noodles and sauce for lunch then some onion bhajis and curry sauce for dinner. I dad a day today being hungry but not overeating. OMG chicken tikka masala and onion bhajis is the tastiest thing I've eaten for sooooooooo long. Got fish cakes tomorrow, I can't believe how tasty everything tastes.

I'm feeling really fat but I'm assuming it's because I'm eating food now and not liquid.


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