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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 30

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Tracey is starting to notice the changes in her body and gets into good exercise habits.    


Day 189-195 post op

It's been a much more positive week for Tracey this week, as she finally starts to see her achievements and notice her body changing

Omg brought a new winter coat (had a couple of people comment that my coat was too big) so as a supermarket had 25% off thought I'd treat myself. How pleased and proud was I that I brought a size 14! I had been wearing a 20 or 18, no wonder they looked big. Another milestone this weekend was that my son took his first proper unaided steps, which is a huge deal as we were told he wouldn't be able to sit up unaided! ANYTHING is possible, keep positive and keep working at it (yes I know I'm the most negative nelly just recently but let's hope this is my turning point).

Portion sizes and eating techniques all good this week. I'm making time for meals and Marks & Spencer do a tiny pot of new potatoes and veg for one. Lovely size too. I had to leave couple potatoes and took butter out before cooking but it's nice!

Doing school run this morning and the lady I speak to generally (I've known her for couple years from the school run) almost walked past me - she recognised my son before me! She was surprised at how much weight I had lost and said I was shrinking before her eyes. Must be my new magic coat! Had a smile on my face most of the day after that.

Bloody hell that cross trainer is a killer but I am positive that the world isn't ready to see me in Lycra just yet! I've been on it a couple of times but given up after 2 mins. Today I decided I was staying on for 10 minutes and doing 10 minutes once or twice a day. However, I got to 9 minutes sweating like a pig but determined to do full 20, when I had a sharp stabbing pain in my port area. It was awful and knocked me off my feet! It only lasted about 3/4 minutes and has gone now. Am a little bit worried I've done some damage or is this normal for someone who does no exercise (other than normal day to day walking)

Still in a lot of discomfort and occasional pain. I think I need to see someone so I'm waiting for the nurse to text back. Pain has subsided again so probably just a pulled muscle. No more cross trainer for me for couple days!!

Still taking it easy but pain isn't as regular now. Can't believe I finally get into head space where I want to exercise and can't never mind will try again on Monday. Stay positive!!


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