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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 31

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Tracey enjoys a relaxing weekend away and reflects on the start of her journey.

Day 196-202 post op

Tracey is keeping up the positivity again this week as she reflects on how far she's come. 

Booked a last minute weekend away – I had a lovely, relaxing time. I felt great, I got all dressed up and wore the jumpsuit I wore back at end of July and it's too big!! I got the other half to take photos and couldn't believe the difference in 8 weeks!

As I'm not constantly eating, when we are out for a meal I've started people watching. I am amazed at how many people (and I admit I was definitely one of them) put food in their mouth, reload their fork and put more food in their mouth before they have even swallowed the first mouthful. It's not something I've ever noticed before.

Winter is definitely on it's way. Going to be needing to wear my coat! I did the dreaded boot shopping today. I haven't been able to wear knee length boots for around 3 or 4 years so I prepared myself for failure... but they fit! Fair enough they are Evans extra wide calf ones, but they fit and fasten up! Paired them with size 14 jeggings (two things I didn't think I would ever wear again) and it looked good. So proud of myself! Had a smug look for most of day. Forgot how good some clothes make you feel.

Got my log book out today which I started back in February. It just contains a picture or two and weights and measurements. I can't believe the difference between now and then, I look like a different person. I've lost about 15 inches and over 4 stone since my journey began.  Plus I have bags more energy to play with the children and just generally enjoy life. 

Day 3 of this week (mon-wed) and day 3 of cross trainer doing well so proud of myself! Managed 10 minutes and no pulled muscles! Was absolutely terrified I'd pop something again but onwards and upwards tomorrow ������

Started looking into liposuction for my legs as I have lipoedema. My legs are as big as they were 7 months ago regardless of the weight loss. I seriously could have cried at the photos I had to take, I didn't realise how bad they were. But I'm still 3 sizes smaller everywhere else, so it's not all doom and gloom. I intend to succeed in this venture so many people have commented on my loss I'm not going to stop here!

Regarding weight loss, I think I've reached a plateau as my weight has stayed the same for a while. Need to up the exercise I think!  


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