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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 32

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Tracey manages to resist the carb cravings and keep up her good eating habits.

Day 203-209 post op

Despite a stressful week with stuck episodes, cravings and poorly children, Tracey manages to keep things on track.

What a weekend! The children are poorly so I had no time to think straight. Had a couple of stuck episodes as a result of not leaving enough time between mouthfuls. It's surprising how easily you fall back into bad habits without even realising it. Managed to eat sensibly and regularly, so it’s not all bad.

Good week eating wise. I made sensible choices, even though Thursday I'd been craving carbs and chocolate but the life of a lady is never easy.

My son chose pizza for dinner Thursday. Hurray from me, as it's bread. Prior to the band I could easily have eaten 6 to 8 slices, so knowing I can't eat as much anymore I sensibly took 3 slices. Oops! One slice down totally stuffed and I stopped. It’s not a problem really, as other than a chocolate earlier and slice of pizza tonight I've been aware of what's going in my mouth.

I'm wondering if I've stayed the same again this week or possibly gained due to bloating. Only the scales will tell…

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