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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 33

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Another fill is needed for Tracey, after a week full of cravings and increased portion sizes.


Day 210-216 post op

Although the hunger has returned, Tracey is still noticing changes and non-scale victories.

I stayed same AGAIN last week. My portion sizes have increased (I'm now eating same size as my daughter - which although isn't massive, it's a bigger portion than I'm used too). I'm hungry regularly through the day and this has leads to snacking. Although I do try to choose something high in protein, sometimes only chocolate will do. I’m glad it's not as much as previously lol! 

I definitely think it's time for a fill. Luckily, I phoned up a couple of weeks ago to get an appointment, so I’m going to see the lovely sally in Birmingham on 30th October. 

Was taken out for lunch today for a naughty treat. I enjoyed my glass of wine and I ordered fish and chips with salad for a change. It came and it was huge! I ate all the fish including batter. My OH was shocked I'd eaten so much, but I was hungry and I stopped eating when I wasn't. I couldn't believe I'd eaten so much! Might have to see if I can get a cancellation for a fill as going away to Blackpool for the weekend and lord knows how much I will eat whilst away. Lots of packing for just a weekend. I can’t believe how much time it takes. Constantly hungry but I’m managing to resist the urge to pick.

Now you larger ladies will totally relate to this, but I was able to wash my legs and feet in shower today without the shock of a cold wall on my bottom when I bent over. So much more room in shower now... yay yay and yay! 

All packed and ready to go to Blackpool for the weekend. Looking forward to it. Not looking forward to all the food I will consume as I’m hungry all the time. Definitely need a fill ASAP!


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