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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 35

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Tracey reflects on her progress so far and is motivated to get down into the next stone range!

Day 224-230 post op

A belated birthday means a trip to the spa with all food included! Can Tracey resist temptation?

Pumpkin picking with the children today. It was fab. A whole hour wondering around a pumpkin field and I didn’t have to stop for a rest once! I could happily keep up with them running from one to the next, trying to find best pumpkin. Was a wonderful feeling.

Belated birthday present of my boyfriend - a spa day! So, nothing to do today except relax and read. Total bliss! Food is provided throughout the day, so it’s going to be interesting to see how much I eat and the choices I make…

I’m finding it difficult accepting the change in the way I look. I’m really struggling to accept that I’m shrinking. It’s only when I look at pictures that I can see it. But then I start feeling guilty about other people that can’t afford the procedure and try to hide my loss. But, I am losing weight and my shape is changing but most of all I’m happy.

Fill was in extremely uncomfortable today. The port had twisted slightly and OMG I’m sore after the fill. Now up to 7ml in 10ml band and I have no doubt I will feel restriction once I’m eating foods again. Was lovely to chat to nurse and my BMI has reduced over 10 so all good.

I realised my goal when I had the band fitted was to be a size 14. I’ve actually achieved that (not in all shops but some). So, for the first time in my life I’m am going to SMASH and not fail at a goal I’ve set myself!     

Good week overall, and I lost 3lb this week mainly due to the liquids diet but at least the numbers are going down. Another 2lbs to lose and I will be in next stone range!


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