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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 36

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Tracey kicks old habits to the curb and gets one step closer to her weight loss goal

Day 231-237 post op

It's been quite the week for Tracey with lots of challenges and successes!

Wow what a week! I’m definitely at restriction and it feels great.

Couple of days this week I’ve been head hungry unfortunately. One day I didn’t realise it was Head hunger and ordered Chinese. I couldn’t even see what I’d eaten it was so little and there was much waste (yes I know I’ve said this previously but old habits are hard to kick). It is getting easier, but I still struggle sometimes - I’m only human. I don’t beat myself up or feel a failure anymore. It’s one off that lasts one meal and not the whole week.

I’m SO excited to weigh myself on Friday. I’m positive I will be in the next stone range down. Last time I was in that stone range was 20 years ago. I’ve got my fingers, toes and everything else crossed!

Back on textures since Sunday and I’m enjoying food so much again. Took the children to KFC as a treat and I had a coffee. I did have a fry but omg it tasted of nothing! I was looking forward to my smoked salmon bagel and salad much more than pigging out on fast food!

OMG I did it! I’m now in next stone down range. I’m in total shock! Another 4lbs and I’ve lost 5 stone which was goal I gave myself when I went for the band! Another 4lbs and I achieved a weight loss goal I set for myself for the first time EVER. I’m so happy I’m crying! God knows what I will be like when those 4lb have come!


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