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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 37

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Tracey has reached restriction and enjoying her meals in small portions. Will the extra glasses of wine effect Tracey's weight loss goals?

Day 233-238 post op

It's a good week for Tracey as her portions are getting smaller and the snacking is cutting down. You're one step closer to your goal Tracey!

Anyone else have a secret goal. Something you don’t even want to admit to yourself? Well here is mine - when I was at college at the ripe old age of 16, I weighed 84kg. I’ve never know what this was in stones, and I’ve never bothered finding out as it was an unrealistic goal for me. At college I always felt overweight and desperately wanted to lose weight, but it went the other way. So, now I’m ready to look at what 84kg is in stones and lbs and that is going to be my weight loss goal (or just under to prove u CAN DO IT). Yes I needed my band to help me but I’m so pleased I had it!

It feels great being at restriction, I’m enjoying my meals even though they are tiny. I’m enjoying the flavors and I’m making good choices for my meals! I'm also finding that if I snack I can’t eat my main meal so snacking is now off the menu. I’m dreading weigh in this week as I’ve had quite a few glasses of wine with one thing or another. I didn’t actually realise the amount I'd drank until I sat down and thought about it. Food intake has been good and high in protein so no concerns there. No stuck episodes this week another plus so overall a good week.

Took 2 of the children out for dinner and to ball pool during the week. I ordered off children’s menu and still hardly touched it. I'm wondering if days of eating out are over. Would be a shame as it’s lovely family time to catch up with them on my own. Either that, or waste food. Oh god being a child of the 70’s/80’s has a lot to answer for (constantly told to eat everything on my plate).

Ok so it's time to step on the scales in the morning. I'm dreading it as I’ve convinced myself I’ve gone back up into the next stone range. Let’s hope I sleep tonight although I’m not hopeful.Turns out, it wasn't too bad at all. I’ve lost 2lb this week to getting closer to that 5 stone loss. Eeeek so excited!


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