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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 38

They say Christmas is a difficult time of year for band patients. How will Tracey resist the temptation of the food stalls at the German market?

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A busy week results in some stuck episodes for Tracey. A non-scale victory and a loss ends the week on a good note.

Day 239-245 post op

Will Tracey be able to resist the food stalls at the German market?

My band feels very tight some mornings and I’m not sure why. I had a sip of fizzy pop and it wouldn’t go down. It got stuck then came back up. Not good! I can only assume I’m a bit stressed over something although no idea what..

Went on a day trip to Southampton so had the chance to have a quick look around Birmingham German Market before I caught my train. This will be the first year I’m not going to stuff my face. I had to make do with the sights and smells and not the taste, as I refused to pay for a sausage when I will only shave a bite

German market wasn’t quite the same without copious amounts of food and wine but was still a lovely sight. Had lunch at a lovely tapas bar unfortunately I had a stuck episode and no toilets anywhere near (ate at grand central in Birmingham). Think I got away with being discrete although used about 20 napkins. It was so embarrassing!

Woohoo another 1lb off so just that little bit closer to the 5stone so feeling good today. 


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