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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 39

A non-scale victory boosts Tracey's confidence again and gives her the motivation to carry on.
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Tracey has a busy week and is keeping on top of things. A non-scale victory boosts her confidence!

Day 246-252 post op

Sometimes weight loss is not all about the number on the scales, as Tracey finds out this week. 

Been rushing around to get everything and everyone ready for this week after having couple days away. Finding my band is still quite tight on a morning but I’m able to eat breakfast a little bit earlier so that’s helping me with rest of day

Still managing to eat my meals and no snacking although a few sneaky chocolates have broke through the wall. Wow what a bad day awful choices and so many stuck episodes after such a good couple of weeks I should have expected it but I’m in so much pain perhaps my band is telling me something. Back on the wagon tomorrow just hope I can sleep tonight and not have to sit up all night

Another day of poor choices but NSV is that a pair of bargain boots I brought last year and couldn’t get on as wouldn’t fasten over my ankles now fit with room for movement here’s to hoping that all the other bargains I’ve brought over the years will also fit (not really bargains when you buy them and don’t wear them but hey?.


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