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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 4

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Nearly through the post-operative puree stage, Tracey's week has good days and bad. Wine involved with both we hope.

Day Eighteen Post Op

Happy Birthday comes with temptations.

I've had lots of wine and a little food today. Was celebrating a happy 16th for my sons' girlfriend. Oh god help me tomorrow.   

Day Nineteen Post Op

A trip around the NEC Arena.

I've been suffering with the hangover from hell and a visit to Cake International at Birmingham NEC. I did lots of walking and drank plenty of water. There was a limited choice of food available but I had 3 meals.

Day Twenty Post Op

Tracey mistakes her weight gain as a result of eating solids again.

Oops I've put 2lb on but I did expect it as I've gone from soups and shakes to food. Hopefully after a week without any wine I should stay the same next week. I have been in a little bit of pain today and had to take pain killers so I'm assuming I'm not ready to join the gym.

Day Twenty One Post Op

What to eat when you're heading out? Tracey also shares her learnings from the Healthier Weight booklet.

I've been feeling very positive and upbeat today enjoying the sunshine. I'm off out for a meal again on Saturday. It will be Chinese this time, but I can't think of anything to eat other than soup. I phoned Healthier Weight and they said the same as what I was thinking (regarding eating soup only). It's a bit disheartening but I can eat food soon enough. I might find an excuse not to go as I don't really want just soup.

I had a quick flick through the information for the next stage (phase 3) and something that I've discovered is that I will get a full feeling behind my breast bone and not in my stomach as I was used to.

Day Twenty Two Post Op

Tracey debates whether to have a takeaway.

Went to M&S today to get their mini meals, they look very nice but very small. 

I'm feeling very bloated and a stitch-like pain has started on my left side that comes and goes randomly. I had a couple of rough nights with the children so I'm very tired and would love to just order a takeaway for dinner but I can't eat much so it would just be a waste of money

Day Twenty Three Post Op

Tracey gets excited to eat crunchy food.

I'm happy today. I've put my makeup on, I'm out on time and I've got no aches and pains. I've been eating lots of fish, jacket potato and curry (not together). I start on crunchy food on Tuesday (in five days) but dubious about how it will go down.


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