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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 40

After a week of regular stuck episodes, nurse Sally thinks a slight defill will be best for Tracey.
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Tracey is struggling to keep food down which results in a defill. Will she be able to use willpower to keep her going?

Day 253-259 post op

As Christmas is fast approaching, will Tracey be able to resist temptation and use her willpower to keep things going?

Ok so, this isn’t normal. I’m struggling to keep any food down and it’s been a whole day.  I had scrambled egg and salmon for breakfast (brunch really). Crab cake and salad for dinner then chicken, salad and pitta bread.Every meal I’ve been sick after. This isn’t normal, I’m worried! It might be a bug?

I messaged Nurse Sally about the problem eating and she said I may need a defill. I don’t want a defill, I really don’t want to start putting weight back on. Getting all worked up at the thought of no restriction and this in turn isn’t helping my stress levels and the tightness of the band. At least I already have an appointment booked for Monday afternoon so I don’t have to wait for one to become available. Let’s hope it’s good news when I go! Appointment time and Nurse Sally decided it was best to take some of fluid out so just worried now I’m going to start eating loads again but at least I can keep drinks down now (still haven’t tried food yet).

No food today other than a couple of chocolates- yes I am aware but really don’t want to risk being ill again.I’ve given my head a wobble and I need to eat so having a day on actidiet shakes/porridge.


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