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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 41

After her defil Tracey feared her diet would take a turn for the worse. Ending the week on a positive note, with a loss, is a great relief! 
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Although Tracey is noticing the changes in herself after a treat filled week, she is still keeping the positive vibes up!

Day 260-267 post op

It's another tricky week as the stuck episodes return and Tracey indulges.

Another weekend away and yet another few meals out. Really hope the defill hasn’t taken my restriction away. Still not eaten a lot but that’s because I’m worried about throwing up again rather than being hungry. I’m finding hot chocolate is a nice warming and filling drink. I finally had the nerve to wear the most awful tackiest Christmas jumper I could find, because I could and it didn’t look a total mess. I had lots of compliments about my weight loss as most people hadn’t seen me since August or before.

Had 2 meals today with no stuck episodes, but I did notice I’d had a lot of ‘junk’ over the weekend. I’m hoping it was just because we were away from home and seeing family we hadn’t seen for few months and that I’m not eating slider foods. Suppose I will know come Friday when I step in the scales.

Back to stuck episodes and throwing up. Messaged the Nurse who isn’t available to do defill so I’ll need to ring office and make an appointment.  Going to go back to liquids for tomorrow and if no better Friday will phone Healthier Weight.

I’ve noticed a change in myself last couple weeks, I’m very lethargic and sluggish feel bloated and awful in general so it’s definitely diet related, I just hope things start to improve soon. I really don’t want to go back to no restriction but it’s got to be better than the last 2 weeks.

Started today with all good intentions but before I knew it I was reaching for chocolate so had some scrambled eggs (soft mush) and they stayed down. I then had a crust-less quiche for dinner, and fingers crossed it’s stayed put! Perhaps my eating technique needs some work and hopefully with the slight defill last week I can start moving forward again. I need to get on the scales tomorrow which I’m dreading as I’ve been eating a lot of slider foods this week. Hopefully I haven’t done too much damage, although it’s made me think long and hard about how easy it is to fall off the wagon with or without a band. 

Got on the scales today and wow lost 1lb not sure why (although not eating proper food just junk).  3 meals today all stayed put so may stay on mush tomorrow and go on to crunchy and texture on Sunday. Feeling happier than I have for couple weeks!


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