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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 42

Although another week full of comfort food, Tracey managed to keep things under control.
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Comfort foods are hard to resist at this time of year but motivations are also high.

Day 268-272 post op

The cold weather means temptation is high to give into cravings...

It’s back to beginning for me so chewing slowly waiting between mouthfuls and taking 20 minutes to eat. It’s worked keeping all my food down, no stuck episodes so all in all happy me!

It’s snowed here all weekend. Children have snow days so we haven’t been out the house for few days. It’s so cold and all I want is comfort food (which for me is curry rice and chips). So I’ve had takeaway delivered it tastes so nice. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t like spicy foods and my eyes are bigger than my belly. Such a waste of money but it hit the spot.

The snow has finally gone we are left with the lethal ice now. Last year I would have refused to go out as I’d be the fat one that slipped over and struggled to stand up. This year I didn’t care about slipping over (thankfully I didn’t) as I knew I could get up without any help.

So, after 3 takeaways and lots of wine I’m expecting to have a small gain this week but I’m prepared for it and as long as it’s not 5/6 lbs gain I will be happy. I’ve made rubbish choices and drank way too much but it’s Christmas!

Pleasantly surprised I stayed the same so happy Need to make better foods choices this week and chose spirits instead of wine when we are out.


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