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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 43

A huge portion is controlled by Tracey's band and a sprinkling of willpower!
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Tracey's still training herself to eat slowly and take breaks.

Day 273-279 post op

The wonders of the band helps Tracey resist overeating

Still concentrating on eating slowly and leaving time between mouthfuls. It’s working as I’m having very few problems. I still can’t eat early morning, but my band seems to be loosening earlier than the usual 11am which is what I’m come to expect. I’m also hungry every couple of hours.

Busy busy busy! Last minute Christmas shopping, food shopping, and numerous trips to see family/friends and Santa. I’m absolutely exhausted and sick of being offered mince pies!

Went out for lunch today with the other half and my daughter. Decided I was having chicken breasts with cheese and bacon (2 for £10), so thought it would be on the smaller size but OH ordered me a big plate. OMG it was huge! A silly thing to do. I nearly wet myself laughing when he realised what he had done. However, it was a different matter when the food came - it was enormous and to be totally honest very daunting and sickening. How can a plate of food have such a negative reaction!? I’ve put a pic of before and after on here for you all too see it Really was huge.


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