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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 44

Christmas day proves successful for Tracey as she keeps the portion sizes small.
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A successful Christmas day and boxing day this year!

Day 280-286 post op

Tracey resists temptation by having little portions of everything she likes - success!

Been and brought a dress and for the first time in years and years it hasn’t been a maxi dress. It’s supposed to be for Christmas Day as I don’t normally get dressed - not because I don’t want to but it’s just easier to stay in my pyjamas rather than than try to find something that looks nice on me, but I’m so excited to wear it! I might go for meal out just so I can wear it.

Christmas Day Dinner was just wow. There was so much food. I have treated myself to turkey, lamb, mash, stuffing and gravy - little bits of everything I fancied. Even had a smoked salmon starter. I couldn’t manage dessert so I had cheese and crackers for my evening meal as couldn’t let good cheese go to waste lol. Boxing Day is usually another day of over eating but not this year. Had pate and toast for lunch as my main meal instead of a starter and then main meal, dessert and bubble and squeak for dinner. I have had few chocolates throughout the day, but I’ve not over eaten and I’ve not had any stuck episodes so it’s all good. Even later on, it was still going well and had had no stuck episodes (although I’m hungry all the time!)

I Treated myself to a new Mac in a bag which sounds very 70s but it’s Cath Kidston and beautiful and a medium which is fab!


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