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Tracey's Gastric Band Journey - Week 45

Tracey is feeling reflective looking back on 2017.
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Although a 2lb gain, Tracey is feeling positive vibes as she welcomes a new puppy into the family!

Day 287-293 post op

A gain is a small price to pay for an indulgent Christmas. Compared to last year, Tracey considers it a success!

So, I stayed the same last week which was good for me over Christmas period I’m usually at least 6lb heavier so all positive.

So exciting to be starting 2018 the lightest I’ve been for many years! Off out for meal with my son then he’s off out in the town and I’m off home to snuggle my babies and we will all be fast asleep by 10 no doubt. I woke up with a rotten cold, sore throat and awful cough, so out comes the chocolate and coffee to cheer me up and make my day that little bit easier! I think I will be needing to give most of the surplus chocolate away soon!

I’ve decided we need a dog, so the next few days will involve going around all the rescue centres trying to find a puppy - which is not a good idea when I’m full of a rotten cold and it’s raining. I’m also thinking of the exercise I will get if I do find a puppy to come home with us!

Puppy found and He’s now at home with us (photo below). Rotten cold still with me and chocolates still tempting me. I’m not eating properly as I feel awful so I’m not looking forward to getting weighed this week. I’m also eating a full-size child’s meal so know I’m definitely due a fill! This week I need to concentrate on eating 3 meals a day and getting rid of chocolate.

Oops and BOOHOO I’ve put on 2lb this week! Not good! I feel awful about my choices of chocolate and cake. Need to get shopping done and plan meals for next few days so I can start concentrating on loosing this last stone.

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